Serena Williams: I Never Thought I Would Marry a White Guy

serena williams alexis ohana

In an interview with the New York Times, Serena Williams was asked what “message” her marriage to her husband, Alexis Ohanian, sent. Here’s what she had to say:

“Oh my God…Literally, all I tell Alexis is, ‘Well, you know, there’s such a difference between white people and black people.’ He always gets to hear about the injustices that happen; that wouldn’t happen if I were white. It’s interesting. I never thought I would have married a white guy, either, so it just goes to show you that love truly has no color, and it just really goes to show me the importance of what love is. And my dad absolutely loves Alexis.”

In the end, she realized race didn’t matter because she wanted to be with someone who treated her nice and “someone who was able to laugh with me and someone who understood my life and someone that loved me.”


  1. Good for her.

    She does not have to explain anything, they never ask dudes these questions.

  2. Complaints from black women…
    Outrage from black men….

    Serena is the most well put together tranny since uh, RuPaul?

  3. Serena is a tranny and her ‘husband’ is apparently a woman. They are demonic and satanic. Doing the Devil’s work to decieve the public. Nice orange Freemasonry tie there ‘Alex’. As a Brit, I could care less about the Serena worship. If you must I guess –

  4. I never thought I would marry a white man.
    I never thought that when I married, he would be white man.

    For some reason, these two have a different meaning for me. But I wish her well.

  5. Assholes leave her alone,she married a man that loves her,black guys made fun of her,I’m glad she married a whiteman,she is not a tranny,tranny’s can’t have babies,she is gorgeous black woman,he is a billionaire,Thought just because black men hate dark skin women,you asses look like fools,mad jealousy coming from black fools,you stinking bastards,insulting your black mothers,too stupid to see who your words hurts your own families! Wake up black women,stop taking shit from these down low assholes,Gilbert Arenas is one of the worst bitches on the planet.

  6. Nothing against Serena but now days alot sisters are ACTIVELY tried to marry non black…look at Issa rae telling black women to marry asian men…. the bed wenches never stops…black men we can perserve “blackness” WITHOUT black women beacuse race and culture is passed down PATERNALLY

      • Nope thats a lie every race understands that fathers pass down race…even in biblical times thats how tribes were formed…if women pass down race why do Afro brazilian, cubans, and dominicans HATE calling themselves black when most come from a black womb

        • A hybrid is a hybrid… No matter what you think. 1/2 black + 1/2 anything else IS NOT BLACK. Hybridization : Genetics 101.

          You’re just salty because Serena’s making hybrids now. Yo dick aint golden. The best you can hope for is that the hybrid you create blends itself back in THREE generations with REAL/AUTHENTIC black people. Hybrids know they are not black. Why do you think Dominicans act like that? Research how the Dominican side of “Hispanola” got populated with Ashkenazi Joows around WW2! Dominicans are heavily mixed with them.

          • @an 21: 17 Yeh so that means Blacks Americans are hybrids lmao…some of you guys have even more degenerate white slave masters blood than even african blood…but yall talk ablout blackness like you guys invented it and even try to clown native africans for not being “black enough” smdh


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        • @Blackman – Do you have a navel? Your genetic and biological incompetence is astounding. You are a poor representative of Black American males given your current mindset. Divorce yourself from Caucasian pathological modes of thinking and engage your OWN self-thinking potentials.

          • But you guys are hybrids…and the hybrids even clown darker skin blacks who have less crakka blood…smdh


            • 08:08 – Those who mixed and want to stay mixed do so. But our customs/laws state that those who have an interest in purifying have to blend back in to the 3rd generation. It’s simple. Keep the KKKraKKKa out of your bloodline for 3 generations and going forward and you good. This happens naturally when black people prefer their own. Esau knows this shit which is why they perpetuated that swirl propaganda. Anyway, blackman, you can’t talk much with the Asian invasion swirling up your continent now. Most of yall bout to be spotted “bananas”.

              • @anon 13:12 Good point… whats happening in Africa goes to show that most women have NO loyalty to race.. so when i hear black american women talk about we need to uplift the black community I just laugh… like serena most will drop the black community as soon as ANY non black man shows them any interest

            • @Blackman – I’m not a hybrid. I am an Igbo descendant whose culture is ogwugwu = numbers. You are not conversing with a rookie. Many Black Americans have the genetic signatures of more than one ethnic group.

              (0) What is your mother tongue?
              (1) What is ethnic group?
              (2) What is your blood type?

              Chukwu go’d zie gi!!!

              • I am from Ghana an Ashanti tribe…and proud American-Canadian. I speak twi as my secondary language

              • Why is it when Africans come to the US, they think the hood ass niggas they befriend are the ONLY black people in this country?

                Step up your friend circle or learn to discern the population. Shit’s getting ridiculous.

        • “Nope thats a lie every race understands that fathers pass down race…even in biblical times thats how tribes were formed…” <—BAM! Your AfRAkan identity is questionable. All science codes are embedded in AfRAkan linga. All PRIME BASE and derivative ape-hybrid races are sourced from XX, not XY. You claim to be Ashanti, but don't know about AKAN sciences that shut down your claim of AfRAkans not having educational system???? Na wa oooo! We, Black/Negroid/AfRAkans were NOT formed. We APPEARED. Our DNA occurred simultaneously. That's why we have the greatest genetic diversity and are the ORIGINAL OCCUPANTS everywhere. Autochthon records pre-date the BUY-BULL. The BUY-BULL does not contain the accounting or geneaology records of Black/Negroid/AfRAkan people. The BUY-BULL is irrelevant to AfRAkan culture and people. You are unworthy of one melanin strand of AfRAkan DNA. You are too WHITE.

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    • @Blackman – The Y gene does NOT carry the records of generations. When has Y ever preceded X??? Caucasian thinking and systems are PATRIARCHAL and devalues the ovary-occupant. The Universe is eternally pregnant birthing star systems and these actions are attributed to a MALE DEITY? Caucasian science is awful.

      It is understandable why non-heterosexuality is prevalent in a patriarchal, criminal Caucasoid culture.

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          I can not identify any benefits or advantages of recesive-coded ape-protocol DNA when introduced to a non-recessive Black/AfRAkan gene code.

          However, it takes a Black woman and man to reproduce wholly black progeny.

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            • @Blackman – I asked you earlier what is your mother tongue…and you didn’t answer. I asked you about your ethnic group affiliation…and you didn’t answer. *Eyebrow raised* All Black people derive from ethnic tribes that are separate and genetically distinct. Each tribe has its own mother tongue. All mother tongues or maternal languages are MA’ATH CODES, binary with prime number clicks. Each tribe has its own mother tongue. All mother tongues or maternal languages are MA’ATH CODES, binary with prime number clicks.

              Many Blacks, in the diaspora, are an amalgamation of different tribes MAINLY and it’s evident in their phenotypes, gene code, skills and abilities. It doesn’t matter if they are aware of it or not. DNA doesn’t lie.

              As a Black American female who is unapologetically AfRAkan with exposure to indigenous/autochthon learning systems and nother tongue sound dialects, I find it suspicious when you say western language, itself, isn’t a problem. Na wa oooo! That indicates to me that you don’t understand the significance and impact of SOUND CODES or SOUND WAVE FREQUENCIES…on DNA. The emphasis is on SOUND (sa:ndu). Sound is just an expression of number frequency.

              Western European languages are paternal with fraudulent sound codes.

              • I told you earlier comment I am an Ashanti-Ghanaian and can speak twi…but if our African languages are so superior why hasnt us Africans developed any respectable philosophy or educational system…

                We dont even have words for basic to complex things. Lets not have false pride. And Maat (egyptian) is Afro-Asiatic like hebrew, somali and arabic NOT Southern Africa

            • “but if our African languages are so superior why hasnt us Africans developed any respectable philosophy or educational system…” <—@Blackman – AfRAkan maternal languages come DIRECTLY from the nature's SOUND CODEX, which is MA'AThemical, by default. All AfRAkan linga has PITCH and TONE. Again, SOUND (SA:NDU) is an expression of NUMBER FREQUENCY. AfRAkan culture is NUMBERS!!! NUMBERS cause life, creativity and INTELLIGENCE. Autochton MOTHER TONGUES are MA'ATH CODES. It is not words that are powerful, it is SOUND. Words are comprised of SOUND CODES. Sound CAUSES colors, geometric shapes and ACTION!!! You underestimate the intelligence, civility and cleverness of AfRAkans who communicate through CODES & SYMBOLS. They KNEW all of us would experience AMNESIA and forget who we were/are. They left behind OVERWHELMING evidence in code and symbols to help us reconnect back to our origins and heal ourselves from physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual trauma. We are for WHOM we have been waiting.

        • “a black mother can only produce a black WOMAN because she passes her mtdna or X to her daughter” <—@Blackman – You don't appear to be aware that the common denominator between gene pairs 'XX' and 'XY' is X. The female is FIRST and can produce BOTH male and female. The female appeared first and the male appeared 9 cosmogonic eras later…according to AfRAkan records. Our records remain intact and untampered with. Yes, the "Y" gene is passed down patrilineally, but the accounting of generations going back to eternity is through the original XX queens of the planet—BLACK WOMEN!!!

        • “so alot of black american men (web dubois, booker t washington, Bob marley) are actually “white men” <—-No, those men are not 'white', they are BIRACIAL or MIXED RACE or HALF-CASTE. You can not discount the DNA contributions to a developing fetus inside the WOMB of a Black woman. The X gene is 5 to 7 times LARGER than the Y gene. The majority of gene code information/instruction comes from the female.

          Again, you are not conversing with a rookie. You must expand your competence of cells and frequencies.

          • You are probably right…But honestly most males can care less about the genetic code of a woman… as long as she is beautiful and feminine and can raise their children ….

            They understand that culture comes from the male seeds…thats why during colonization in Africa…the white male would procreate with native african women and use these hybrid offsprings to control the darker skin groups.They knew these half caste would not want to side with their maternal tribe smdh

            • “But honestly most males can care less about the genetic code of a woman… as long as she is beautiful and feminine and can raise their children ….” <—This is NOT the mindset of an AfRAkan man who is intrinsically connected to his ethnic identity. AfRAkans are VERY serious about blood lineage. It appears you are NOT familiar with tribes and clans, but you claim Ashanti. Na wa oooo! Are you mixed race? Your writings resonate Caucasoid cellular frequencies.

              • Really if we really care about lineage why are nigerian and other african women running into the arms of chinese, arab and white men in africa AND the diaspora smdh. Cousins from Ghana both males and females hitting me up saying they want a white/chinese man smdh

                In Atlanta I seen enough of the nigerians/igbo or “alatafo” having babies with white women. Africans only care about tribes and lineage when it is in regards to other africans smdh..

  7. we should use these bedwenches to infilitrate white supremacy and bring the entire system down…but can sisters like serena be trusted…because once old massa is blowning their back out they lose their sense of blackness

  8. Serena didn’t think she marry a white guy I called that one years ago the number if white guys she dated outnumbered the black.guys

    Much props to her folks marry who.tjey want it’s her life

  9. look at the women marrying white men out numbers the other way around….BM are just used as a scapegoat for BW. Why when BW marry white guys the instantly go IN CHECK? Look at eve…aka pit bull in a skirt..give me a break

  10. Let these black women date these white boys good I’m not losing sleep cause some black woman mad at the world cause she got five kids by different dudes been worn out

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    • You sound like a Bitter Bitch.

      Maybe if you stay off gossip sites and get your shit together you would have someone, instead of drooling over these women who would never touch you.

    • @CrazyCris – Come on, Chris. Don’t hide behind your intelligence. You know that in REAL LIFE, among indigenous origins, worldwide, the MAJORITY of pairings are between Black men and Black women. There is a NATURAL attraction between Black women and men of every ethnic group that comprises the Black/Negroid/AfRAkan race. Sure, there are going to be Black and mixed raced men and women who entertain romantic/sexual interests and marriage with straight-haired ape-hybrid groups from Asia and downgrade their blood code from Type O to ape-protocols Types A/B/AB (Type A=chimpanzee | Type B = gorilla) through their descendant lineages. Truth be told, there are Black and mixed race men and women who are culturally WHITE and do NOT relate nor have a spiritual connection to their AfRAkan ancestors or their indigenous heritage.

  11. He owns a company that’s known for enabling racists and extremists.

    Her father worked so hard to train her to be the best tennis player in the world, only for her to hand her millions to white people on a silver platter.

    She gave birth to a nonblack and future racist that will contribute to the oppression of black people.

    Her child doesn’t look like her.

    There are millions of educated, family-oriented, handsome African men that would be a much better husband and father to her children. It’s a shame this country has clouded her view.

      • Calm your tits Laquanda,
        I think i heard your welfare check bounce…
        And yes he does look more feminine than her.
        But since I don’t write in baboon I doubt Shaniqua will get it

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