Janelle Monae: I’m Pansexual

janelle monae pansexual queer

Singer Janelle Monae is finally ready to own her truth in her Rolling Stone cover story. As far as her sexuality is concerned, she had this to say:

“Being a queer black woman in America…someone who has been in relationships with both men and women – I consider myself to be a free-ass m**********r, but then later I read about pansexuality and was like, ‘Oh, these are things that I identify with too.’ I’m open to learning more about who I am.” – Janelle Monae

Anyone surprised?

You can read the full interview here.


  1. Hell the Fuck no I am not surprised.

    All this Dumb Bitch wears is black/white masonic colors.

    Puppets rule the day in the industry and she is a prime example.

  2. People do not allow these tools to be role models for your children.

    There is an agenda they serve and it is not a good one.

  3. So Let Me Get This Straight:

    Being “Freaky-Deaky” Is The New Trend….Just Fuck Anything That Has A Heartbeat (OR Not) & You Are Considered To Be “Cool”

    Well, Alrighty Then!!!

  4. No it is not the trend and those who do it are NOT cool.

    Just more BS to control & flood people’s minds with.

    • @Anon 8:34

      Thanks 4 The Enlightenment……..But I Was Being Facetious.

      Of Course I Know That It Is Not Trendy OR Cool 2 Fuck Any & Every Thing/Body.

      Have A Good Day>>>>No Shade.

      • I got you. Pansexuality is the new game for them. Sleep with anyone and everyone. And of course at some point, that will include minors, wait for it. There is a Supreme Court Justice who believes 12 is a good start point. This is how they all think. There are sooo many pedos out there in position of power, that they will make this a topic soon enough. But this woman here may have discovered the lesbian thing was not going to work for her, so she changed it to pansexual.

        • @Kem 9:34

          You’re Correct. The DSM-5 Is Currently Considering Pedophilia To Be A Diagnostic Criteria For “Pedophilic Disorder”…….In Which Educators/Teachers That Are Exposed For This Behavior Can Claim This Illness And Have Their Insurance Cover It While They Are On A Paid Administrative Leave………Eventually Returning Back To Their Position In The School System Without Prejudice.

          • You know what..they can go right ahead and just try it. I worked at a school and this probation officer that also worked there was using his leverage over this child on some if you don’t have sex with me whenever I want I’m gonna violate you. He had this child all types of ways. Wellllll her uncle found out and came to the school like he had other business and had no idea and without as much as a word he walked into that fool’s office and BEAT THE DOG SHIT OUT OF THAT ASS. He beat his ass so bad he left the guys blood all over the walls and he was swift about it too. Nobody said a word eithier. Yea they can try this shit here if they want to..gonna be some problems. Street justice is a mf ijs

            • My problem is not reporting it.

              People have to start doing that, even if nothing is done so people like this have a trail following them, because this is hardly the first time he has done this to a child.

              But the real problem is he is not in a hole in the ground.

              • I think the reason it w asnt reported is because the school w asnt aware until he caught the beat down. They didn’t want to get involved anyway. I actually had a student tell me that his friend was being molested by her mom’s bf every morning when she went to work. I knew something was wrong cause this girl was letting all types of boys run trains on her and got caught at school. I told the school and these bitches got mad at me cause they had to involve social workers. Crazy thing is they had the mom and bf come in. They denied it and that was the end. I couldn’t fucking believe it. I got the hell up outta there but b4 I did I told the girl it was me who told and gave her my personal number so she could call if she ever needed help and I told some of the guys taking advantage that I would call the police on their asses myself cause they were seniors and she was a freshman. She never called but I did the best I could.

            • ^^ I get it, but it still has to be done, because when it is reported there is always a paper trail. Like with what you did, even though nothing was done, they can’t say they did not know, because there is a report.

              And I am glad you tried to do something.

              This is why I flip on people who blame the victims, because it is so easy call a woman a h_ or sl_t…but not understand what may have happened to that person.

              People who blame the victim are sickening and just as bad as the perpetrator, for not standing up for what is right…Again I am glad you tried.

              • I really appreciate that but honestly I feel like this should not be a hero situation. It’s like damm what has the world come to when someone is held in a high regard for doing the right thing?..for helping a child that’s being sexually victimized? I thank you nonetheless but I think THAT makes me just as sad as the actual crime.

            • You are right people SHOULD just do the right thing, but we know that does not always happen.

              So those who do take a stand for what is Right need to be Championed & Celebrated.

              Hopefully more people on this board will read your story, stop acting like clowns and do the Right thing.

            • That’s whatthe proproveproverbial fuck shit up and leave! LMAO I love it! Thank God for the good uncles poor there…

          • The Obama administration decriminalized bestiality in the Military in 2011.
            This was done before don’t ask don’t tell, which subsequently led to a huge increase in male rapes.
            “… in 2012 there were almost certainly more than the 14,200 male-on-male rapes that we know about. Our military has become a cesspool of homosexual degeneracy” GQ Magazine

            • If true who voted on it 93-7 the SENATE…which like I said before means ALL those Fuckers play on the SAME TEAM!

            • ^^^STFU You Dumb Bitch, you did not even bother reading the article…so EAT A DICK, maybe that will keep you out of Grown Folks convos…smfh

  5. Remember even in being facetious, there are many on these boards who cannot see the sarcasm.

    Putting stuff out there without a disclaimer is not a good thing to do, since so many can not read or understand sarcasm.

    I mean damn if you have people that still believe kangaye is sane or even one who said it does not matter if he is sane so he can say whatever and it is okay, there is a problem in these type of folks rationale.

  6. More stuff to teach to people now we are going to have people walking around saying they are pansexual now and this stuff is ok but at this moment in California they are trying to pass the law on Bible’s and this gets a pass as it’s ok. Backwards ass world.

    • My grandma use to talk to me about that day the Bible would be removed…. California is out of control… every since they removed the pledge of allegiance and that cross from the county seal California has be a mess and constantly going down

      • As long as there is a Constitution they won’t be able to remove the bible…now all of the fucked off translations out there are another story.

  7. Sad part about this girl when she first came in the music I was really thinking ok we have someone that is normal and I like her music but then I seen they got her real fast nothing but black and white devil shit.

  8. Straight to comments. I gave up on this one ages ago. Who cares that you are worshipping Satan? – or should I say ‘pleasing’ Satan?

    You are not special in doing this as every other celebrity is out there doing the same thing too. Well done! Clap for yourself.


  9. Yeah I saw a group of young people talking this pan shit.

    It is just a gateway for it to be okay to fuck anything, including children (pedophilia) and animals (bestiality).

  10. Free internet porn got everybody freaked out.

    Young gorgeous black women be gay as hell.

    Young black men contemplating faggotry.

    100% heterosexuality is a endangered species.

  11. what waste of a cute piece of @@@…queer pan gay metro etc…terrible can’t keep up…

  12. This Bitch is looking straight ahead and at a fool across the street, talking about I see you…

  13. I can’t get with her fake Prince vibe…Miguel”s eithier. Ol baphomet bitch. I hate her weird fake James Brown dancing too. Ugh

    • I’m not into her music, but she genuinely loves his art and they had an affair. He gave her a bunch of music too. She looks like one of his exes, Patrice.

      Miguel is a clown.

  14. Even though I get lesbian vibes from her, I understand what she’s doing. She has to sell her music and by calling herself a Pansexual, this word would reach a broader audience, hence, making her more money. In other words no one has a reason for not liking her because she so happens to love the world. Yeah, gir, I get it! Sad and desperate, but I get it.

  15. Celebrities are always trying to hitch themselves to something or someone that they think will bring in the money. They alter their bodies, they hitch their train to others, they all begin to look alike…no such thing as truly being themselves and letting their art shine through.

  16. She is not that smart her handlers put that pan shit out there, because it is a gateway for people to start thinking it is okay to fuck any & everything.

    You just wait and see.

      • This is the shit they try to put in young people’s minds subconsciously.

        Most people know there are limits and boundaries when it comes to sex, but they are really pushing this shit hard on the younger generations, hoping there will come a point where they think any and everything goes.

  17. Never liked her style. Reminds me of a cult. I had to look up wtf she said and i like her even less NOW.
    Hope my daughter doesn’t discover her music.
    She’s borderline demonic

  18. Janelle following the path set by Jimi Hendrix, prince and George Clinton who.all was in the occult let’s not forget big boi from outkast discovered her thren gave her to puffy

    Janelle is into men, women, trannies, regardless of race, and gender

    No wonder puff signed her

    • So she was the low-key pass around chick… It wasn’t just because of her “talent.” Plus she’s a saggitarius, they no offense to anyone, but many of them are some loose ass hoes.

  19. In another 10 years there will be new alphabet letters and plenty more identifying labels for these folks just like there are a multitude of ‘race’ categories. It’s an agenda directed at nonwhite people. The white race is supposed to continue thriving and multiplying.

    • Too bad that’s not happening. Whites birth rates are extremely low and as of 2017, more whites dying than being born. This is why all the alt right is advocating white marriage instead of interracial to up their birth rates.

  20. Gender bender, diversity, or open minded are new words for gay lol

    Now you have tranracials like Rachel dolezal and Paris Jackson lol Rachel had some black.dick as for Paris she was lied to

  21. You’re surprised that a woman who spent time with Puff and Prince is freaky? ?

    She had to admit it before someone outed her; and she needs the publicity. She’ll claim straight in 5 years.

    She’s pan, but she’s also sharper than a razor and bolder than the truth. ?

  22. Okay….so if the mood strikes her she can have sex with dog or cat. How about s hoarse? I mean really a person who is this confused should be in a straight jacket. She has so much to say about Kanye West but you don’t even know who you are either. Bye girl

  23. Janelle Monae is nothing more than the perfect MK ULTRA puppet. She’s trying to bring black women into the whole LGBT/homosexual movement/agenda, to further destroy and corrupt black women. I used to love her music and image, and her first three albums are forever dope, but now it’s obvious the agenda, and purpose she serves; and that she’s a slave to the industry. Not listening to another song she makes ever again.

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