Chance the Rapper on Backing Kanye: ‘My Fault Yo’


    chance the rapper kanye trump

    After putting on his cape to defend Kanye’s support of Trump, Chance the Rapper is backtracking like a MFer.

    He intially tweeted, “Black people don’t have to be democrats,” and Trump even gave him a shout out on Twitter by saying, “Thank you also to Chance and Dr. Darrell Scott, they really get it…”

    Here’s Chance’s plea:


    1. Chance knew he didn’t want to go down with the ship. He knew he could publically support his friend then turn around and retract/apologize. This shit getting old. I’m not accepting no more fake ass apologies cause it bullshit.

    2. please..trump is good for blacks….why? because if you don’t get off your ass you will be living under a bridge!…look at all the wave of new black owned business…some got wayy to comfortable under obama

    3. Even though Kanye is only doing this to set up those new albums, at least he owns the sh*t he says.

      Chance lost my respect by letting them make him walk back those comments. Blacks need to stop blindly following the Democratic Party. That’s a truth no one wants to believe.

      • It used to be the measure of a man was his character/what he stood for whatever the cost..etc
        maybe CTR not wise enough yet to understand,it ain’t ez but its doable mho

    4. Im not understanding why black people arent allowed to support Trump but when the murder rate grew in chicago under Obama, or when he invaded Africa and killed gadaffi it was all good in the hood. U know black people are slaves in libya now? The darker u are the more they can get for u…Now the black unemployment rate is higher than it ever was for Obama, and we are not allowed to support that? Get the fuk outta here & shut the fuck up…Chance forgot they got that video tape on him…..

      • Agrees with 15:57/15:58 slavery in the Sudan as well& black unemployment is near the rate when black american slaves were set free(1863)yet many black ppl still vote dem!!!voting wont solve all our problems but it is a start on some kind of unification,it would also help if we show some brutha/sista/everyday ppl luv

        • Yep the uncle Tom President paid a few black entertainers like Steve Harvey to lead the masses to early death and destruction

    5. You people believe what you want.

      I support neither the re- pubes or the jackasses, because they all play for the same team.

      • I respect that& agree but we been voting dems for so long our vote is taken for granted,mgf/const/Gov’t/whes/laborer..etc companies know how were gona vote so they
        hire whoever(usually illegal)for the obvious reason,if you live in so cal all you have to do is look around

        • When king went to Nixon for help when he was in jail he didn’t respond so he went to Dem Kennedy and promised to deliver the black vote. We paid that debt ten fold

    6. Never thought Obama was the black.savior

      Blacks should quit looking to blacks who make it only because whites give them certain positions for help

      Anybody black who.thought it was gonna be better cause Obama became lotus was high or living these reparations fantadies


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