Trump: ‘Kanye Performed a Great Service to the Black Community’

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Trump took to his Twitter to thank Kanye for his contributions to the black community, he also thanked Chance the Rapper he supported Kanye’s bromance with Trump by tweeting, “Black people don’t have to be democrats.”

What “great service” has Kanye performed exactly? Someone please drop the answer in the comments section because I’m confused AF.


  1. *What “great service” has Kanye performed exactly? Someone please drop the answer in the comments section because I’m confused AF.

    Sasha…..Chile……I’m With You…….When You Find Out…….Let Me Know.


  2. How out of touch are these people to think that they can use Kim talking through Kanye’s subconscious to get us to align with their views? The only reason Bey and Jay could get away with it was because Obama was the first semi black president. This shit right here doesn’t even make sense.

  3. All of this makes me think was that the real Donald Trump in the music video that’s when all of this weird stuff between them happened.

  4. Yeah Google Kanyes Opioid aka Herion addiction…
    Thats what he done.
    Ion trust that Sambo shit.

  5. Blacks are the most disloyal race on the planet & why we cant stick together 2 do shit..u have to blindly worship the BEAST Obama & if u dont, blacks will turn on u in a heartbeat. We arent allowed to free thought, u have to do exactly what the white liberals tell ur black ass & then have to nerve to call Kanye a coon…yall coons for rachel maddow, hillary clinton, the dnc, msnbc. Blacks are not allowed to think independently, we have to think as one group =slavery mentality

    • If you know the truth BOTH parties are garbage and serve the BEAST, so get that straight before you say anything else.

      Shit if we really want to get some shit started we need to start coming up with our own agenda.

      • Saying “they both work for the same side” is true, but also a cop-out because people didnt say that shit when Obama was president..u couldnt say shit about him because “he’s always right” and such a wonderful person. Now when trump get in, thats always yall defense when called on the hypocrisy, “the both work same team…etc”. He doing things hillary & nem would NEVER DO, like telling the globalists at nato they were going to start paying…Obama was too scurred to do that. & its something to be said for a white man to go over to europe and tell them racist bitches they were gonna come up off some of that money or be cut off completely. He also withdrew from the climate accord which was a worldwide depopulation plan…the same thing Obama wanted and signed…. They may be in secret societies but its different agendas. All im saying is, yall wanted ppl to support Obama & he can tell blacks ALONE that they need to vote for hillary to protect his shitty legacy, but if u support trump u a sellout & coon…im wondering has anyone seen Obama do ANYTHING about chicago gang violence even after his presidency?…

        • Why have a chip on your shoulder, move the fuck on…he is out of office, instead of bringing up the past work on bettering the future.

          Sorry not interested in reading the rest.

          • Its a double standard. The president we have now has gotten more done than the last and people should be allowed to acknowledge that without being called coon.

  6. Isn’t it suspect how he is now in love with everybody, saying I love you to everyone. Like when some people get drunk and start professing how much they love you…

    • Bwahahaha………Kanye Is Drunk In Love!!!

      He been drinking, He been drinking
      He get filthy when that liquor get into him
      He been thinking, He been thinking
      Why can’t he keep his fingers off everybody, baby?
      He love everybody, na na

      He woke up in the kitchen saying
      “How the hell did this shit happen?”

      He be all night, love, love
      He be all night, love, love

      He’s Drunk In Love………………

  7. Some of these comments sound like its coming straight from Kanye or his team defending and wanting the black community to follow his lead. Obama was the 1st black President. White politicians vetoed any changes he wanted. Trump “ grab them by the pussy”, acts erratic, makes cuts that affects poor/middle class while Making the wealthy, wealthier, and its ok because he’s white. The stock marked was rising and Trump says it was him, after being in office for 2 months. Now why isn’t it that Congress not stopping him? He has a sex scandal, under investigation for rigging of the election, and firing his cabinet on a whim because their opinionated. Yes, Kanye is a coon. He has crossed the line a long time ago and never to return again. Genius, creative. How about bipolar. Take your meds.

  8. I didn’t like Obama from jump….and I’m asking the same question..what did Obama do for a black community… nothing….I say it once back then..I’ll day it again…. us looking tores the gov to change things is not going to happen…the all have the same agenda…wake up and smell the coffee… The only thing Obama did for black community is him being black besides that..he did nothing for us as race

  9. He did what for us as a Nation sweetie?..but hand us over to Trump…smh…this “Nation ” is just as fuck up as before if not more….what was he supposed to do for us ? How about call for blacks to come together..during the time when things were going crazy in Ferguson..etc.. Obama the whole time distance himself from black only causes..he try to rather b the president for all races.. which would had been great..but what actually happen was him only backing causes that made him socially popular .. honestly with the Hispanic and the gay community..from what I observed..he acted like the African American support was a given…but hey if he did a good enough job for u…ur entitle to ur oppinon..

  10. These comments sure sound like mfs in here trying to tell us wtf to think. That bullshit don’t work so please move on. You’re not only insulting our intellect but you’re completely wasting your time.

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