Ciara Labels Future an Absentee Dad

future ciara son deadbeat

Ciara is requesting to attend mediation with her baby daddy Future, calling him an absentee dad who’s making life hell for their son, baby Future.

“Ciara blasts her baby daddy in new docs, claiming he’s skipping too many scheduled visits with little Future … who’s now 3 years old. According to the docs, Future no-shows for visits 37 percent of the time, and frequently he does so at the last minute — which screws with her schedule.”

Their son is reportedly forced to fly to Georgia to spend time with his dad, but most of the time, baby Future is handed off to various family members, like his grandma and great-grandma instead.

Ciara also claims their son has health issues that are being “exasperated by all the cross-country travel.”

She’s looking for a change in the travel schedule to aid in their son’s well-being.


    • That hermaphrodite Ciara doesn’t know what she wants.

      Petty and ladylike are Mars’ ppl’s words to her.

      You know she couldn’t wait to run to her phone to talk shit.

  1. I never was a Future fan. His music just annoys the hell outta me BUT Ciara need to stop with the public shit cause she just hadddd to have him. Deal with this bullshit like a lady in private. It makes her look very petty. Take it to court and stfu.

    • Ciara didn’t air her business in public. Papers were quietly filed in court as proper procedure. TMZ story chasing snoops broke the story. TMZ always review court filings, including lawsuits, for their gossip stories. Why are you so critical of black women wanting the emotional best for a child?

  2. wanna know why some black men don’t want to marry you? look no further than future and ciara…russell was a simp….good men look at womens track record and this dude is an embarrassment to black men…multiple baby mothers and bad music…he even advocated drug use in an interview and his music…and she loved his dirty draws at one point…WOW

  3. Yawl really think Ciara a boy.
    I kinda believe it
    She slash prolly he has boy bone structure

    • She’s a hermaphrodite….

      She has internal female organs but unfortunately a penis was there too. She cut that off.

      She was on oprah’s show a long time ago talking about that. When she got in the industry oprah completely destroyed the tape. U won’t find it ANYWHERE.

      • Provide evidence of your claim with date ranges of the episode because their are accessible show archives. So your source of this lie is “once upon a time in a land called Oz- on an Oprah episode Ciara revealed….”

  4. Her son. Is better off not having a drug addict from a satanic Haitian family in his life if she wants him to be a decent Christian American

  5. Son’s medical condition is “exasperated by all the cross-country travel” but I’m sure her son is fine when he flys to see his step daddy play though. I literally hate women like this.

  6. I guess she missed all the baby mamas he had. That should’ve been her first red flag he wasn’t shyt.. lol Ciara is dumb…

  7. People need to give Russell respect for coming into her life and treating her with the respect she deserves, and also raising the boy like his own. I’m glad Russell isn’t bitter or judgemental. She found her king.

    Now she needs to stop being dramatic and focus on the family.

    • She is focusing on her family including the 3-years old son whom travels to Georgia and returns to Washington within days. Could your body sustain the monthly travel? And to find out dad is yachting or at a strip club instead of awaiting the flight arrival with open arms?

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