50 Cent & Snoop Weigh In on Kanye and Trump

snoop 50 cent kanye

Donald Trump and Kanye West have been having a bromance on Twitter, and 50 Cent chimed in by posting an edited magazine cover of Kanye clutching Trump. Snoop’s response was pretty much what we’ve all been thinking, right? “Them b***h a*s n***a deserve each other”!!


  1. It’s a fucking mess. Kanye ain’t right and hasn’t been since his mother died.

  2. He didn’t follow the rules growing up. Read up on it. This is not surprising. Arrested development.

  3. Snoop fake ass gospel wanna be saved ass need to shut up oh yeah he can play with God right

    50 talk about anybody

  4. Niggaz worship Obama, though he didn’t do shit for them. Kanye is free to support who ever the fuck he wants, whether he’s doing that with a sane mind or not. I thought you’d have learned by now that it doesn’t matter who’s in office, we’ll still be treated like niggaz, but you never learn

  5. Kanye can support and be friends with anyone he wants. He can say what he feels. The world may not like it, but that’s his right. If he is ill, I hope someone steps in and gets him the help he needs. Sadly I don’t think that will happen and if it does it maybe too late.

  6. They all sell outs. Snoop, 50, Kanye, and All the rest.
    What have any of them done for the black community besides take there money? I am a white man saying this because I recognize the disgrace.

  7. Agent snoop S.T.F.U. you sell out Agent ! Tell ya fine chocolate daughter I said when she gone let me????

  8. Snoop need to stfu recall up in Martha Stewart ass so who can he really diss

    Let’s not forget he was dancing with gummi bears with Katy Perry in that gay ass song

  9. Don’t judge me. I’m not perfect. I’m only human.
    I know how I love to s**k d**k and Suga Bear use to pump 2 of my holes. All of that is in that pass. The Martha Stewart and Katey Perry thing was about money. 2 Pac hated on me. He had a chance to make history by letting Quincy Jones suck his dam little pecker and he didn’t do it f****n b***h made n****r.
    Puffy got some sweet a** what up nephew. Holla at your neezy.

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