Dr. Jan Adams Sends Open Letter to Kanye: Cease & Desist!

dr jan adams kanye doctor letter

Dr. Jan Adams has finally responded to Kanye’s desire to use his mugshot for his new album cover. In the open letter, the doc tells Kanye to “cease and desist” from using his picture, and defends himself from the allegations that he was responsible for Donda West’s death.

In the letter, he mentions the coroner’s report which points to Kanye’s cousin, Stephan Scoggins, who was responsible for taking care of Donda after her plastic surgery.

On the bright side, the doctor is willing to meet with Yeezy face to face, and Kanye is down for it. He reposted the letter on his Twitter with the caption, “Open letter from Jan Adams. This is amazing. Thank you so much for this connection brother. I can’t wait to sit with you and start healing.”


  1. This Is A Good Start For Both Kanye & Dr. Adams…….Hopefully, They Will Conclude With A Harmonious & Amicable Resolution.

  2. Kanye, you don’t know what happen so you should not point fingers. Anytime you go in for a major surgery there is a risk of death. It could be a combination of everyone’s fault, but she’s the one that wanted to take the risk. The blame could be pointed at everyone. The Dr for not saying no, Kanye for giving her the money, the cousin for leaving and etc… but thats not right. Nobody was intentionally trying to kill her, she just died.

    • I hate to say it but every time I trusted a negro doc it ended up bad. White racist deliberately selected the dumbest of our people to lead us.

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