Blac Chyna Pregnant by 18-Year-Old Boyfriend?

blac chyna pregnant ybn almighty jay

Sources are reporting that Blac Chyna is pregnant by her 18-year-old rapper boyfriend, YBN Almighty Jay.

After Jay told the No Jumper podcast, “I don’t wear condoms… I would not want to f**k a b***h I did not want to get pregnant,” we knew it was only a matter of time before he knocked Chyna up.

IF this story is true, this would be Chyna’s third baby (and third baby daddy), but considering the source is Media TakeOut, we’ll have to sit back and wait for Chyna’s official confirmation.


  1. Barebacking a known sloot smdh…its seems like Blac chyna has the good good cause dudes be treating her like royalty despite her being very unpleasant to look at

        • No doubt. She’s well used – by her own choice. She’s like the airport Kia rental car: it’s been driven over speed bumps at 70 mph, drifted, jumped, bottomed out, scratched, scuffed and been in for “cosmetic surgery” at the body shop too many times to count. Oh yeah, it’s been puked in/on AT LEAST once.

          • she is very unattractive and the sad part is that she makes herself to be unattractive…take away the fake hair eyelashes, makeup and she looks decent

  2. Something is wrong with blac China for even dating this dude. Question? Did everybody have those people in the little small classes at they high schools? You know the classes where it’s like 8 kids and they stay in the same class all periods because they slower than everyone else but not retarded? Does anyone ever check to see what became of those people later in life? I’m starting to guess that’s where they finding some of these celebrities.

    • @ LL 8:48

      Many Of Them Have Gone On In Life To Become Very Successful, Honest, Law-Abiding And Hard-Working Citizens In Society.

      #Not Cool To Make A Mockery Out Of People That May (Or May Not) Be Different From Yourself.

      • You got that may Not be part right.

        She is only a couple of brain cells away from that class herself.

      • @Anon9:03 I was thinking the same thing and the “r” word is very offensive. I doubt these two have developmental issues; rather they are products of their own environment. The question should be who raised these two.

      • Clearly something is not mentally right with blac chyna. You can keep lying to yourself and everyone else but she clearly has some mental issues and there is no way she was in the general population in highschool.

      • The worst part is I’m serious. I really think they find the slowest people they can to be celebrities so they can take advantage of them and make them do the most dumb stuff. cause true smart people are not this desperate for money or fame. They release sex tapes for money, spend all day taking selfies, have relationships just to end up on here, MTO and TMZ.. like what’s wrong with these people.

    • @LovelyLady
      You can’t fathom blac chyna dating whoever the hell she wants because you’re a ex gold digging groupie who only equates men with money. All u see is a lil boy who can’t possibly have much money. Chyna likes to fuck young guys and control the relationship. Period. I wish u would go away because there’s nothing lovely about you.

      • Ummmm I don’t even follow nothing about blac chyna or that boy. She is not a celebrity that i even care about. The boy looks like he’s in the 9th grade and in the first stage of puberty. And if you listen to him talk he sound like a badazzz 5 year old. Something is wrong with China and you not gone convince me of anything else. She’s slow.

    • You seem to be a little young and may want to watch your words because you too could have a child that has developmental delays.

      Yes I actually have two children that go to one of the best math and science magnet schools in the city and a lot of times these really smart kids are eccentric and struggle in some areas BUT they excel way past the norm in OTHER subjects and go on to become very successful and make damm good money in those areas. Don’t let the labels fool you.

      • I never said they had developmental delays. I said The slow class but NOT RETARTED. And from my knowledge those were kids that did not have developmental delays, they just was slow because they parents was messed up and did not teach them nothing. They usually had parents who were on drugs, hookers and etc. And based off of looking at blac chinas mom, it all makes sense. I’m am not talking about the kids that have autism and stuff like that. I’m talking about the class with the regular kids that was bad azz hell, those were two different classes at my highschool.

        • Developmental delay is the pc term for that R word you used. Not all kids that have these issues stem from parental negligence..thats just like saying all blacks like chicken. The crazy part is no matter if their parents were hoes or addicts it’s not the childs fault…its just his cross to bear. Some of these children NOT ALL just want to be able to coexist and keep up with everybody else but can’t and it turns into a sadness and embarrassment that they keep inside that manifest itself on the outside as anger. Ijs I worked for the school system and I got to see first hand.

          • RETARD is the legal definition since you want to be technical. it just don’t sound nice. And all retarded people don’t have developmental delays, they have developmental disabilities. Delay means they are slow at learning. Disabilities mean something is impaired like speech, physical and etc but that don’t mean they slow or learn at a slower pace. So you should correct yourself since you think all retarted people are slow because they are not, some of them excel in certain subjects more than regular kids.

            Now back to what I was talking about which is regular functioning kids that are slow because a lack of parenting in there home. That sounds like Chyna to me and based off looking at her mom, that’s exactly what it is.

            She not retarded, retarted people actually have more sense then her. She’s dumb and had bad parenting. I’m some cases people suceceed with bad parents, in her case she failed

            • Ross’s Law changes references to mental retardation in federal law to intellectual disability or disabilities. regulations effective 8/10/17

              I can stand corrected but can you? I never likened myself to a scholar I just think that word is horrible and most certainty outdated. I stand by my original sentiment regarding people with intellectual disabilities.

              NOW..i see you got yourself together a little bit down below and in the spirit of compassion Imma keep it pushing this time because quite frankly after reading that info you shared i could do some damage but i think you may have some issues so i dont really want to..HOWEVER could get ugly for you see because you may be a lady but you’re not all that lovely. That was your final warning.

              • Don’t believe the hype.

                What she said may be true, but I guarantee you the man she claims is “BACK” just came back to knock her stupid ass up, because he knows she is an easy lay…he is not back in her life for good…she is on here in the middle of the night way too much.

                The good thing is once she gives birth she will be MIA for a good while I hope.

              • You could never do some damage to me on this I don’t know you…and If you know hOw to you would. I could tell you the rest of my life story and you still won’t come with nothing. Because you’re basic and your fake. I wasn’t trying to have compassion, I’m letting you know I was not talking about autistic people. I’m talking about slow people, like yourself…

          • I already know your character by reading this. You one of those people that act like they helping people but will laugh and smile with them all the way until they fall offf a clif. You are the worst kind of people. Anything politically incorrect you challenge but don’t understand that telling people the truth helps them. Chyna does not have it all and someone needs to let her know that so she can straighten up before it get real. People like you egg on people to do dumb stuff. So back off me with all that cute talk because you don’t fool me. People like you are the real murderes. You fake care and because you Spain’s nice people believe you actually do care. GTFOH!!!!

            • See I told you trying to speak rationally to this Raggedy Bitch would not work.

            • I don’t know wtf you’re talking about MY character for when you’re the one making fun of special needs people. Dial it back boo of you too can catch this verbal fade. Don’t make me none. I noticed your erratic behavior on the board yesterday and i was agreeing with you. No worries though I’ll catch you slipping. Bye..for now!

              • Umm okay it sounds good. I don’t care if you agree with me or not. I know your type. So if you gone give a verbal fade, you might want to start by learning the difference between delay and disability. I ain’t even alll that book smart and I know the difference.

                You try to get at me for offending slow people, which I did but in turn you offended retarded people trying to play advocate. You can get in whatever verbal war you want to. My wisdom is natural, yours is fake. And you know it, that’s why you ain’t got nothing legit to respond back with. But some petty stuff that now shows you are not very mature. I know I’m immature, but I don’t think you know you are too. ??

          • What you are saying makes too much sense, her stupid ass will not be able to grasp a word of it.

              • But you just called retarted people slow. And I’m the bad guy. Lol All retarted people ain’t slow, they are disabled or impaired in Some way. But that don’t mean they all slow. Sooo get on yourself before you call me out for calling slow people slow when I clearly stated I was not talking about retarted people.

                But I was talking about slow people. You know like the ones you raised. ??

          • And FYI she is pushing 40 is single no kids or man so no you are NOT speaking to some spring chicken, this is why I say she is only a couple of brain cells away from being labelled a MR her damn self.

            • Single with no kids, pushing 40? You must be talking to the other lady. Cause you surely can’t possibly be talking to me. Lol ? I’ve been married 2 times to the same man. Got a divorce at 20 remarried same man again at 29, separated again at 32 and now we back together. Soooooooo you got the wrong person. Had an abortion at 19, got one daughter, currently 7 months pregnant and 6 years from 40. Soooo I think you got me confused with someone else.

              • TMI and no one with a man and pregnant comes on a site in the middle of the night to put their entire life story for the world to see…well no one but a Dumb Chickenhead Bitch, like yourself…LOL!

              • I know right? That was way too much information especially considering. That’s why I know something ain’t quite right.

              • Well you’re wrong. Cause I do. I don’t care about putting my personal life out there. Everybody in our city know our personL life. That’s where you and me defer. I already told you, you don’t know how to be real. Like I said I already know your type. Fake

                And if or when you ever do get a husband you will learn that, that lovey dovey stuff goes out the window eventually. We been together since highschool, it don’t surprise me when he come home no more. Lol… now that’s the talk of a single woman. And so what if I’m pushing 40. I just turned 34. And I got all of what you thought I did not plus a degree and my own business. And I’m still on here…….

              • STFU Already, you don’t even have a grasp of the English language and I don’t need you Stupidity rubbing off.

                And YOU ARE PUSHING 40, don’t be mad because you are an Old Dumb Ho.

                You can’t even tell there are two different people clowning your Stupid Ass….smfh.

              • You obviously cared about my life.. you commented o. It. I responded. If I’m gone be on here talking about Chyna, I should be able to talk about my self. You ain’t never hear of don’t through rocks at a glass house? I’m not a secretive person here nor with the people who really know me. Shyt happens it’s life. People like you are the reason people feel the need to be fake and hide everything.

              • Clowning you can’t do… cause you don’t know me. Disagreeing with what I’m saying you can do. If it affected me I would keep my name anonymous like you do?

              • LMAO, I know ALL about you, you just laid it out outside of the fact you are dumber than a box of rocks, LOL!!!

                Just because you have a handle you are anon too, this is why you are Fucking Stupid.

                Know one thing Dumb Bitches NEVER prosper in a verbal war…especially when you can’t even spell or know the difference between one word & another…Fucking Dumb Cluck…LOL!

      • It’s awesome that you have 2 very gifted children who excel in science and math…..

        But social skills and maneuvering around all types of ppl trumps those…..

        Please forgive that terrible pun. Lol

        • I will forgive the pun. Actually I teach my children just like my father taught me to be compassionate and to help others. You see we actually have hearts and it pains us to see the way these types are treated just because they’re different. Just because a person is labeled slow doesn’t always mean they’re horrible. A lot of times these are the people that need the most love and totally appreciate somebody who is non judgemental.

      • And if this makes you feel better. I’m slow sometimes too. Just not when in come to common sense or my body. But I cant tell you the first thing about algebra or any science class. Don’t know what that science chart mean and don’t care, can’t name all the planets or probably not even all the continents. Don’t hardly know how to use my iPhone, cant do fractions and I never voted because I never knew when it was. So now do you see how a slow person don’t have to be a retarded person.

        However I graduated highschool with all easy classes, took all the hard classes on home studies during the summer, easy classes at school, took 2 honors classes my senior year just so it could look good on my transcripts and did not learn one thing, copied everybody work. Guessed half the questions on my SATS and got the lowest score ever and still got into Michigan and graduated by skimming through books looking for the answers and bs’n papers. So you working your kids a little to hard. Just FYI. Cause I still can’t tell you how to do one fraction or decimal

  3. If she’s preggers dude can get child support once he leaves her and takes his baby.

    Dumb trick- now she’s a target for gold digging Niggas that like cougars.

  4. Chyna wants more child support that’s it

    A younger guy us easier to.control

    Not gonna say Chyna a genius but she like the average hoodrat is only good at phukking. Selling pussy getting pregnant than leaving him for child support

    Rob saying she gonna get his money too

  5. That little boy looks like her son. I have nothing nice to say about blac chyna’s dumb ass.

          • I hope your a child because if your a adult your a sad ass excuse of one grow up idiot

            • I am grown but i feel like being a asshole.

              Don’t take yourself too seriously because u r simply one insignificant person in the game of life.

              The powers that be want there to be LESS ppl.

              That’s why they r promoting homosexuality and degeneracy sooo hard.

              But u seem cool though. There’s this other “anonymous” who can verbally box with the best of em. I thought u wuz her.

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