Kanye West: Slavery Was a Choice

kanye west slavery

Kanye West stopped by the TMZ headquarters to talk about race, how Trump is his “boy,” and how he believes 400 years of slavery was “a choice.” Watch the entire video to see a TMZ staff member, Van Lathan, be the only sane voice of reason in the room.



  1. VAN read that ass respectfully. Daz was watching giving it up for Van. He said they kick it and smoke out together.?LOVE Van!!!

  2. Koonye still doing what he does best. When will he stop monkeying around for white america???

  3. Daz ain’t gonna do nothing just like he ain’t did nothing to jayo felony or the outlaws or crooked I or anybody else who.dissed him in the past daz tells half lies his interviews are interesting though

    • Arabs had more Black slaves than whites, and they treated them worse. They still hold them today in North Africa thanks to Obama. But the Arabs always get a pass from Blacks. Watch the First 48, you lot are cowards who only shoot innocent bystanders and old women in their homes.

      • Why would those of us in ameriKKKa give a fuck about what arabs do?

        Are you taking your ass back to afriKKKA and wiping them out, NO,,,so shut your Bitter Bitch ass up about it.

        And you also are obviously clueless to has started & continue the wars in our communities, so again I say STheFU You Stupid Bitch.

  4. Kanye a grown ass man quit acting a fool cause his mom died that was years ago move on

  5. Why do some black, rich, self made ppl switch over to the Republican side after they reach a certain tax bracket?

    Then they act like oppression never existed and everything that’s happened to black folks’ is THEIR fault. Typical selfish rich black man. We thought he was a man of the ppl back in the day but it’s obvious he’s brainwashed. U act like blacks had sooo many choices in those times u sambo penny loafer tap dancing COON.

    • It was a choice…only us blacks revere slaves smdh… Did you see those japanese women jumping to their deaths during ww2 when the white american soldiers were encroaching…they didnt what to be in servitude to nobody

        • You guys got through the struggle but you guys have NO souls..thats why modern blacks in america just like slaves actually AIDE in white supremacy by supporting corporations and institutions that dehumanize life i.e democrats, walmart, hollywood, the miltary smdh

          • LMAO, Yoooze a GOT DAMN Lie Bitch.

            We are the chosen ones…You hating ass hamite go crawl back under your rock and continue dying a slow pain-filled life.

            • @8: 59 But the talent tenth of Black Americans and Africans ARE the choosen ones

              The problem is that BLACK americans have dilluted the choosen tribe to just skin color instead of righteous character…so now someone who sold drugs and destroyed black communities like freeway rick ross are forgiven and are still considered “our people” smdh

              • Bitch nothing you type is the TRUTH…continuing having your rotted out crack impregnated…until it becomes infected.

        • @Blackman

          Wow. That’s like the kettle calling the pot black ain’t it?

          Most slaves were packaged and ready to go for the white man by…..Africans.

          We persevered for 4 centuries with that bullshit and still under white supremacy some of us can still make a prideful living for ourselves. We just can’t shake off the mental oppression yet.

          But it’s way better than Africa where cannibalism, voodoo, diseases, and nonstop dancing and slavery is still goin down in 2018 fool.

          What’s the only country in Africa that ppl actually mention 1st? God damn white occupied South Africa. It’s the ugly truth. Wakanda doesn’t exist for real nigga but I love to dream though…

          Black folks coming together and not arguing and shooting with each other.

          • Anyone trying to school blacKKKoon needs to check out the Serena thread…he completely gets his entire ass fed to himself.

          • Africa is a a disgrace…its karma for selling its people to whites…but its weird how your basically saying slavery had positive impact on black americans because you guys live better lives smdh..

            You guys never really survived slavery because the white man had to FREE YOU. But he kept your soul…thats why he has ABSOLUTE control over you guys. He still dictates your income, your mental state, self esteem and well being smdh

            • LOL, you are beyond stupid.

              Shut Up you bottom feeding afriKKKoon and eat our dust.

              • FYI know nothing you said made a lick of sense, you aren’t even trying to come up with a rational thought anymore.

              • Last time I checked black women were BEGGING white man to find them attractive…or am I wrong

            • LOL, You must be talking about yourself koon-ye.

              Have you switched to white men since your rape? LOL!!!!

      • Slavery can be viewed as a choice, just like it’s a choice that we sit back and watch our black men and women be murdered daily by the police, kkk, etc. and all we do is march… We havent learn from slavery we need to fight even it means to kill or be killed. So it can be viewed as a choice. We sit back today and still is treated like shit. So instead of condemning Kanye , hate yourself for accepting what is done to you.

        • In India, Ghandi blamed the Indians for British rule. He said it was impossible for 100,000 British to control Hundreds of millions of Indians without them acquiescing to it. Everyone understands this, except Black Americans.

          • Go Fuck a Duck, You Dumb Bitch.

            You obviously DON’T know shit. What is happening to us is in Prophecy, but the reason you don’t know this is because you are some heathen hamite.

            • ^^^STFU afriKKKoon YOU know the deal that why Bitch hamites like you hate us, your people are CHOOSING the shit they are in, so YOU have NO room to talk.

  6. YT people are laughing at him and hi-fiving saying awful ish to one another about black people!
    What is WRONG with Kon Yaay!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Can the black community just abduct him and put him out of his misery? He ain’t gotta die but a good assswhupping should bring him back to reality. Oh yeah, he’s way overdue for new people but staying in text more during a televised discussion isn’t a good look.

  8. I agree with Kanye…slavery is a choice… them haitians werent going along with that docile shit…and even though their country is in ruins they still have pride…while black americans are crying about colorims, white acceptance and “yall raciss” smdh

      • Those were real men NOT SLAVES…but out of the 4 million slaves almost 1.5 million grown men how much rebelled…white men use to clown blacks about how docile and subserviant we are for centuries….

        Look at Blacks in Africa..their docilness is even WORST literally worshipping Chinese, Arabs and Whites

        Even during segregation when there was a little bit of black freedom…blacks still were treated like dogs and did nothing but march and protest smdh

          • @Blackman

            Are you ready to die for a cause bitch like MLK?

            Then stop flapping your gums and shut up already.

            Running your dicksuckers without action is akin to masturbation so STFU.

            • Of course i am ready to die. That is whats wrong with black americans you guys have nothing to live for but tricking off on white made goods. smdh

              Look at these gangbangers hoeing themsleves for respect in public housing but wont risk their lives to defend themselves against white supremacy smdh

    • Yet yo black ass is on a plane headed to America.

      While talking shit about black Americans.

      While tryin to get tha fuck outta AFRICA; ole previous Africa.

      They need to put you on the next model airplane with the rest of the crash dummies while they r testing it. ?.

      • Why is it that blacks always wish death on people especially other blacks that they dont like or disagree with… is that why we have the highest murder rates in our communities. You guys cry about not submitting to willie lynch but then threaten death on other blacks because of speech smdh

  9. Kanye is not as dumb as y’all think. And I’m a leave it at that. . Just know that whatever the history books tell you ain’t for your own good but more to control how you think and clearly it’s working.

  10. I know plenty of black people that secretly voted for trump but in public act like they don’t like him. People are full of shyt… Just like Gay people, everybody publically act like they like them but behind closed doors nobody likes them. The truth showed when chic fil a spoke up against gay people and gay people wanted them boycotted but instead they lines got much longer because people were supporting chic fil a. And ever since then they lines been even longer than usual.

    The same with Trump. More people voted for trump than they expected from the amount of people that swore up and down they hated him.

    • When Hillary damm near fainted that sealed the deal for her. Even with what she said about black men being predators and them damm emails she still looked a hella lot better than 45. The only thing that compelled black people that did vote for him was his stance on immigration.

      • You might be right. But they sure did vote for him, but be in public singing f—trump,

      • Hilary used to hang around some panthers maybe acid flashbacks of being banged by all those bbcs

        • She also was the friend of KKK member Robert Byrd, and said Margaret Sanger was her Hero, Called Black men “super predators” and stopped Bill from seeing his mixed race son Danny Williams you Blacks still support her.

  11. Kanye is passed and satan having a fun time with him. Pray for him y’all. What Kanye said is true, he saying we mentally on prison. And it makes since. If they put 2000 slaves on a boat, you tellling me they had 2000 workers? Most Black people are much more stronger than most white people. He just saying they mentally controlling us. They still are. They mentally control everybody. Nobody wants to believe white people were brought on boats for slavery the same as black people. They keep calling it indentured slavery to make it sound better. But they woman was beat and raped on the way over hear too according the the real us history book. The one that has all history in it, not edited history.

    The problem with Kanye is the devil is messing with him. He letting him state facts, but he also making him look crazy while doing it because he possessed. Clearly Kanye did not fully sell his soul or the devil would fully take over. Kanye is possessed, pray for him. Trust me I know what I’m talking about. Everybody just pray for him.

    • How can you not believe whites were slaves? The word slave comes from Slavic. I have a book called “White Gold ” that is about the 1 million Whites held as slaves by the Arabs around 1820.

  12. SO we just gonna overlook the chains and weapons? We gonna just skip on by how people were captured and held like animals in cages? We’re gonna overlook the fear those mongrels put into our people to control them? Ok let’s just skip on by how some of them were fed to the sharks for every eye to see. What about all the sexual depravity to break them down? How much of that could you take at one time..tell me o wise one. Yes we are still here surving but this calling it our fault is straight up bullshit. I will never ever subscribe to it but…i will pray them LBC niggas don’t fucking KILL his black ass.

    • Coonye ain’t did nothing to them Really…..

      One ass whooping is sufficient enough. With a lil stomp out action too.

      But koonye hangs out/has sex with rich white men. You won’t catch him in no damn long beach.

      • Now see this may or may not be true cause his bitch and her funny looking sister were just round the way about two weeks ago donating money to a center that was gonna close for the kids. They showed up in tennis shoes and biker shorts like they were ready to run for their lives at a moment’s notice ..although there was only about 12 people in attendance NOT my ass tho..
        Daz didn’t limit the request to Long beach they said anywhere in California so until that issue is resolved he might wanna stay guarded up. You heard Mr bohemian Benet..he said crips reach far but we already knew that. Ijs

        • And no I w asnt implying I wanted him killed..not even but once these blood thirsty street niggas get to tripping it just ain’t safe for him.

    • Blacks were already enslaved by Arabs when the Whites got to Africa. Also how did the people who built the Pyramids be so primitive? Thats right you did not build them.

    • Ha ha ha.

      His ass couldn’t go platinum then or run his dicksuckers like he does now.

      No old music for him to sample. He’d just be another nigga.

      Since he looks soft in the face the massa woulda gave him special treatment i.e dick burritos with ranch. I’m sure massa woulda thrown him some apple pie of course.

      Oh yeah he would have appreciated his Alexis. A Kim Kardashian woulda been outta the question in those times lol.

  13. Kanye interview with Charalamae was priceless. This guys a nut. Who wont address that Opioid issue. He speaks in 3rd party of himself.
    Also Black Twitter was a fool. They were funny as fk about a non joking matter.
    Kanye said its about currency, hes losing money because we are slave minded.

  14. why do you look to celebrities for validation or to tell you how to act or think? you know he’s not all there in the head…it’s like asking a drunk man for a ride home…or asking a clearly blind man for directions! move on people and let kanye be…his “friends” should berate him instead just give him a hug and be there for him when he goes back into that dark spot. we all know about slavery and how it started and ended so why get pissed off? HE HAS MENTAL ISSUES and you can reason w/a person that’s mentally sick. period. next.

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