R. Kelly’s Team Calls #MuteRKelly a ‘Public Lynching’


    r kelly muterkelly public lynching

    Now that celebrities, such as Av Duvarnay and Janelle Monae, are calling for a #MuteRKelly campaign, the singer’s rep has released a statement, calling the campaign nothing more than an “unjust” public lynching.

    “R Kelly’s music is a part of American and African American culture that should never – and will never – be silenced. Since America was born, black men and women have been lynched for having sex or for being accused of this. We will vigorously resist this attempted public lynching of a black man who has made extraordinary contributions to our culture.”


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        • Go ahead and let kellpedo eat you out so you can wake up in the morning burning, which should happen to you anyway…just for being stupid.

        • So a Haitian and a lesbian trying to bring the king down. One needs to be deported back to the 3rd and their incest life

          • King? Of what Pedophiles in the black community?

            Bitch you have slapped upside your head one too many times.

            • Prove it N word. Produce a victim. You can’t tell how old a person is from a video. Webster and others played 8 year olds in their late teens

              • You Bitch for NOT believing what is already OUT THERE.

                If you know how to fucking read it is documented how old that girl was, people in chicago saw that Grown MF at the high school, hawking and picking up girls…Stupid MF.

    1. Lynched for having sex? You were pissing in a 16yr old face & had them chained to the wall..In other news did yall know the singer Halsey is black? Her dad is a black man. Fun fact. Either way this whyte boy g-eazy got her strung out on god knows what even a few months back got pics of her on a boat sniffing coke..

    2. No lynching. Ppl in his own city have said he is a predator whose paid off the local police. Families have had no help recovering young girls from him. No its time. And its right

      • I’m from his city and a lot of the bullshit being reported online is just that…BULLSHIT. There is no damn sex harem and no one’s being held against their will. You say there’s “no help recovering young girls from him”? Like who?

        The young lady who’s father claimed she was being held against her will is FULLY GROWN and what the media FAILED TO REPORT is that her FATHER TOOK HER TO MEET R. TO JUMP START HER CAREER.

        Instead of running to the police he ran to the media to make a fucking name for himself. If your daughter was being held who would YOU go to? The media or police? Has R. been arrested for holding anyone against their will? NO!

        Has R. settled lawsuits against him out of court? Yes. Now ask yourself the million dollar question…how many parents have come forward from those suits to defend and protect their daughters’ honor? NOT ONE!

        As for the PUBLIC LYNCHING that is underway…and believe me that’s JUST what it is, I’m against it. If you accuse someone of something, the LAW says the accused deserves their day in court. Until he’s CONVICTED IN A COURT OF LAW…NOT THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION…folks need to consider him what the law considers him…INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

        I don’t condone abuse in ANY way, shape or fashion. But if we boycott R. Kelly because of ACCUSATIONS, no one in Hollywood or the music industry should be able to work because the MAJORITY of them have skeletons in their closets.

        While they’re trying to mute R., when are they going to mute the pussygrabber? Haven’t heard a peep out of Ava….and none of the rest of them about that! And THAT needs to happen ASAP.

        • He married Aaliyah when she was 15. He reordered himself urinating and having sex with a 14 year old girl. R Kelly is a sexual deviant and y’all keep defending him like there hasn’t been example after example of his deviance..

          • He was ACQUITTED in a court of LAW regardless of what the court of public opinion says.

            If Ava, Gabby and the others want to regulate folks’ bedrooms they need to go after other entertainers, politicians, athletes, actors, actresses as well. Because the MAJORITY of them have skeletons in their closets.

            You cannot have a lynch mob going after someone’s CAREER.

            If R. is guilty of anything let him have his day in COURT and then impose the proper punishment. BUT, folks coming out the blue demanding that his music not be played because of ALLEGATIONS (not a CONVICTION) is dead ass wrong.

    3. He has made enough $$$ off the backs of the black community, he better walk away lay low, like his white counterparts, before someone comes for that ass again, because my guess is the next time they do he won’t get off so lightly.

      • Same with cospig, it was well known what he had been doing too and when they were through with him is when he finally got dragged.

        And now also same with the gay-me (impregnating minors) and anthony anderhog’s raping ass…hopefully they will get theirs sooner than later.

        • Like all rich men do when they go to Haiti and Jamaica where even rape of all women is NOT a crime

    4. He’s on camera with a minor. On camera.

      It’s not like Cosby who brought adult, consenting thots to the hotel.

      If R Kelly did this with white minors, he would already be in jail.

      • He was ACQUITTED. Regardless of what you think about that case. He was Accused, Arraigned, Tried and ACQUITTED. He had his day in court. So as far as I’m concerned, he should be free to pursue his livelihood like all the HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES participating in this lynch campaign.

    5. The me too movement does not include black women but of course black women are being used for the cause of white women. There’s been several police brutality cases involving black women and racial profiling. Where’s was the me too movement?

    6. Yall maphuckas are crazy..i got one name that will shut all this bs down..AALIYAH..he married a girl when she was 15..the nigga got a problem chasing young girls..that is a fact..dont matter if you from his city of not..he is a predator..and its sad that we as people stick by sick niggas like this…these the niggas that got our kids out her phucked up and he aint the only one..a predator is a predator, there is no changing thst,but when will people eake the phuck up and really do something??

      • And y’all need to leave AALIYAH out of this shit cause he never ever in his life fucked her or touched her or married her and if that piece of paper was really a “Marriage certificate” that exists within the Courts history and database then the Jurors would have NEVER acquitted him! As a matter of fact just sit cho ass down and wait for R. Kelly to go on The Wendy Williams Show this summer 😉

        • Shut Up Bitch, he did all that and more.

          Fuck wendell and kellpedo…yeah I saw that Dumb Bitch say she like him now, but she is just an overinflated silicon robot, whose boob job is rotting her from the inside out.

    7. Janelle sit down she just a big ass freak.as r Kelly since she claiming she pansexual which means she’s into anything like men. Women, trannies, lesbians, bondage, pegging surprise if she hasn’t dyked with a teen girl plus her boss is puffy another bisexual freak


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