Ex-Files: Did Jhene Aiko Cover Her Big Sean Tattoo Amid Breakup?

jhene aiko big sean breakup tattoo

It looks like Jhene Aiko and Big Sean might be over for good (this time). The singer posted pictures of herself at a tattoo parlor, and many assumed she was getting her hideous Big Sean tattoo covered up. She and the rapper also unfollowed each other on Instagram (again).

Click the arrows on the pictures to see all the juicy details.

Last we heard, Big Sean was creepin’ with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. He and Jhene unfollowed and later re-followed each other on Instagram after those rumors emerged.


  1. She was stupid to get a tattoo of him in the first place. She get a tattoo of a nigga she Isent married to but not one of her daughter.

  2. Jhene don’t follow Miyokos footsteps at all. Miyoko and Jamela always put money over niggaz. Jhene fall in love with every nigga. But she’s cute, she will have another soon.

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