Memphis Bleek: Kanye Cut Me Off After I Told Him Stop Messin’ With Prostitutes!

memphis bleek kanye prostitute

Memphis Bleek called for some of Kanye’s “black” family members to step in and help him out. When he was asked why he won’t come to Yeezy’s rescue instead, the former Roc-a-Fella records rapper said Kanye cut him off after an incident with some prostitutes in Las Vegas.

Peep the audio:


  1. Kanye chose to cater to whites so let them rescue him (Which they never will ) I don’t have sympathy for kooney anymore.

    • Exactly. This is the problem with Black folks now, we are always trying to “save” people who don’t want to be saved. Kanye is where he wants to be and there is nothing wrong with him. It was all fun and games when he was doing this type of sh*t to white people, but now he’s doing it to Blacks and everyone wants to pray for him. Black people, if folks like Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Omorosa, Diamond and Silk exists, then why can’t Kanye? Accept it, Kanye West hates Black people lol.

  2. I still think he is under MK Ultra Mind Control, the majority of these “entertainers” are.

    • Kanye has been lost. That happened a long time ago and soon after he married Kim. They are getting every drop of him before they ditch him. Suddenly he is in a dangerous state of mind. This man will be suicided.

  3. Seems Like He [Kanye] Did Stop Messin’ With Prostitutes And Just Went On Ahead And Married One.

  4. Porn desensitizes men to women’s feelings and thoughts. It’s a stretch – but could all that porn he likes make him not remember that there were black female slaves who did not choose to be raped and tortured?!

    • You really think porn can make someone go way left?

      You all need to wake up and realize mind control is real…the fool was literally in UCLA psych ward and prob given shock therapy to help reprogram him.

      • You need to chill with the stupid youtube illuminati conspiracy videos.

        Every talented black entertainer has sold his soul to the devil ooooooh.

        They done sacrificed family members or eaten same sex booty nuggets…..

        It might be true to some extent but not all of em.

        Kanye is not a clone, not under mk ultra mind control, he simply came out the closet as a africam american hater.

        U are under mk control for believing this stupid shit.

  5. Boycott Kanye…in his own words “He doesn’t care about black people” (referring to when he said on television Bush doesn’t care about black people) what Kanye is doing is spreading toxic way of thinking and is promoting self-hate…. Our young people don’t need to listen to anything this dude is saying it’s toxic.. .. spreading hatred just like what Donald Trump does.. Kanye can’t tell us( the black community ) one thing that Donald Trump has done good for us that’s positive so how is this dude your brother…smh.. the sell out is real …smh..

  6. How the fuck Memphis Bleek is a REAL rapper but telling Kanye some shit like that! Memphis… bruh… you don’t like girls?????? LMAO SMFH

  7. But what is wrong with prostitutes…at least they understand the transaction…you give me sex I will give you money…prostitutes hardly try to trap you and get you to pay child support…control or destroy you… it is usually “normal” women who once said they “love you” who do that…ie Kim Kardashian smdh

  8. Stop gossiping like a bitch. He coulda told u to take the dick outta your mouth but he left you alone, right?

  9. Why don’t ppl let this man live his fuckin life? He can holla at Trump if he fuckin wants to. Also he ain’t lie about slavery being a choice. How tha fuck it’s 14M slaves and 200,000 them and y’all wasn’t free? Sound like some coward shit. Niggas wasn’t willing to die to kill these mothafuckas off and go back to simple living.

    • Shut your Bitch Ass Up, Ignorant Dicks like you don’t have a lick of sense when it comes to Prophecy.

      And since you are sitting here talking all that shit… how many kakkras have you taken out? Thought Not Bitch.

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