Wale Blames Being Dark Skinned for His Lack of Success

wale dark skin success

Wale took to his Twitter to respond to a fan who asked if his expressive passion for music has hindered him from being mentioned among the greats. Here’s his response:

wale dark skinned success

Do you agree with him?


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  2. Ok, dmx is dark…young thug…the majority of the 90s rappers…and 2000s…what is he talking about? Hell Rick Ross and Meek Mill are dark too. Ol cry baby ass

  3. This website used to Raw with REAL INDUSTRY INSIDERS! Omg! What happen to Jacky Jasper?????

    • Good question. He was on it, I looked forward to coming here. Now I just pass thru when I’ve exhausted the other blogs.

    • I too want to know what happen to Jacky Jasper? This site has been generic lately. I hope him talking hasn’t cost him anything.

  4. His skin complexion has nothing to do with it! Most rappers are dark brown! His music is garbage, he just needs to accept it. What makes him think he should be in the same league as the greats??

    • Exactly! Just like Azealia Banks they are fuckin trash AND fugly as hell. To this day nobody knows how the fuck they got signed to any label in the first place. And yes this website used to be VERY raw! Jacky Jasper need to turn up or somethin

  5. Nah he’s just trash. Majority of rappers are dark skinned so he sounds dumb af.

  6. He’s from the DMV … no rapper will ever pop coming from that “urea”

    • I’m from the DMV and WE don’t like Wale! But you are right, it’s hard for rappers here

      • Yeah the streets don’t like him because he’s really from Gaithersburg tho he tried to claim PG/DC

  7. Dark skinned black men IS hip hop. But they are american. Its a difference, we just not fuckin with Uuuu…

  8. What a loaded question! He didn’t have to answer it. Some of the words used are suspect in that question.

    • RIGHT! and sneak dissin J. Cole and Post Malone and G-Eazy but it don’t even matter because Papoose already FINISHED THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY lol omg

        • Only a Maricon would say “oh they are not half white” and straight up defend the fuckin executives you retarded brainwashed cocksucker Lmfao They do not like us! They are stereotypical! That’s why rappers are becoming more and more “soft” as the years go by as a matter they robbing our entire culture and hiring WHITE people like themselves to entertain them with OUR kind of music!

  9. Sorry but, at his peak, Big Daddy Kane was not only extra dark and proud but popular without being corny. How popular was he? First rapper to have a spread in Playgirl magazine and have Madonna sweating him. Not sure if he hit but he was in her coffee table book.

    Oh yeah, his lyrics and beats were way better than today’s sound plus he could put on a show.

  10. I think Wale is attractive but seems to have a nasty attitude. There’s so many dark skin men who look unattractive and they’ve made it far 50 cent, Lil Wayne, Young Thug , Kodack Black ,and the list goes on. As far as dark skin women they have it harder ask Amara La Negra.

    • And to 50’s credit…

      I know some of y’all think he’s gay but I saw him at a Grammy after party a few years ago. When I say the man has a polished swag and aura about him that is regal and strong..

      I can see why Auntie Viv is still sweating him.

  11. No Wale…it’s because you are trash. The only songs we remember from you are because the hooks are fire. No one remembers your lyrics…they are only fillers to get to the hooks. Sorry homie.

  12. Nope cause he ain’t even that dark. His beats suck, it sound too commercial. He need to hire DJ Mustard and stop trying to sound like Jhene and even she knows how to come harder.

  13. Plenty rappers are chocolate. Kendric LaMar winning so.
    Wale is not likeable and likeability is important in a popularity contest. Ijs?

  14. Just saw Wale at music premiere in Burbank. It looks like he needs to work on his entire presentation. He’s a nice looking guy but I side eye the folks he hangs with. He may need to change his circle of friends and be about his $$$. I think he’s smarter than he group he’s with and needs to elevate his standards so he’ll vibe higher and attract the success he’s looking for.

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      • You are right… sistas have told me I am too corny and I am not violent enough…please @anon help me be more thuggish and degenerate so i can attract a fine sista 🙂

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  17. If that isn’t the dumbest ish I ever heard. Face it my guy your just not talented.

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