Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Suffering More Seizures

lil wayne seizure

Lil Wayne was found unconscious after suffering a seizure in his hotel room in Chicago and was rushed to the hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, he suffered another seizure. Sources say his team tried to have him discharged on Sunday so he could fly to Las Vegas for a scheduled show at Drai’s Beachclub, but his doctors felt it was too risky, especially since he has had seizures while flying in the past.

The rapper has been plagued by seizures for years, and he blames them on being epileptic. Sources say he’s still in the hospital today and recovering.

Get well soon!


  1. His wild lifestyle probably also contributes to his health issues.

    I’m sure Birdman has a,life insurance on.him

  2. I think he does have an epileptic condition made worse by drugs. One of these days. I hope he has his affairs in order so we don’t have a Prince-like situation.

  3. If Lil Wayne went, that would shock a lot of people. One day, one of these seizures is going the be “the ONE.” Hope he recovers though. He has an amazing, and untouchable discog of any rap artist.

  4. What a shame, he was found unconscious, thn rushed to a hospital so it’s clear he needed medical attn. Yet, his team tried to get him discharged so he can make it to a show in Vegas. If he’s not concerned abt his own health, the least he can do is have ppl ard tht actually care wether he lives or dies smh.

    • At this point he’s worth more dead than alive.. I’m sure Birdman has several insurance policies on him.. He’s actually trying to kill hisself, take too much lean everyday and all day. Someone needs to step in and help this young man ASAP, because he will be dead soon..

  5. Guess he doesn’t care about his children seeing him like this. Godless soul- Dudes got nothing to live for.

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