Lonzo Ball Disses Nas, Says Migos & Future Are ‘Real Hip Hop’

lonzo ball nas migos future

In a scene from his reality TV show, Ball In The Family, Los Angeles Lakers’ Lonzo Ball made some interesting comments about today’s Hip Hop artists.

In the scene, Lonzo says nobody listens to Nas anymore, and Future and Migos are “real Hip Hop.” After the episode aired, Lonzo has been dragged on his social media comments for disrespecting a rap legend.

He also said 21 Savage’s Issa Album was better than Jay Z’s 4:44. But don’t worry, Lil B has already threatened to curse him for his comments.


What do you think? Is Lonzo foul for dissin’ Nas?


  1. Little boys don’t know shit from shinola. Lonzo should focus on basketball. Stay out of the rap game. If he doesn’t ball this season, Lonzo will be more overrated than Andrew Wiggins; and the Lackers (mispelling intended) will miss the playoffs again!

  2. NBA is fixed

    The nba is fixed right? Isn’t there a conspiracy to help him succeed so the league can have somebody else to market?
    He’s light skinned too so the ppl would love it.

  3. The NBA is fixed. Similar to the Warriors, the Lackers have a mulatto they can sell to the public. David Stern is no longer comissioner, so it would be in the best interest of the league if the Lackers made the playoffs this season or next season. There is also a conspiracy to make Becky Hammon the greatest head coach in modern NBA history; but we will talk about that later.

    • Just remember two things, one the NBA is racist. Two the NBA wants our physical talent, not our culture! #AllenIverson

      • But wasnt us blacks who were begging whites to let us into their leagues now we are crying about it being racists. Honestly the league should ban blacks from playing the nba… in the pretense that they invented the sport and they want hold on to their culture

        Even more bizzare when the nba was less hiphop/black more viewers tuned in..why you think the hawks owner wanted to ban black customers?

  4. NBA is fixed

    Not our culture? What about when A.I came into the league with his particular hip hop flavor: cornrows, aggressive nature, and profanity filled lyrics?

    How do u feel about that? And why don’t my spurs win more titles? Is it because of their small market?

  5. If you remember the NBA (And David Stern) hated AI and loved Kobe. Read Tim Donaghy’s book. The NBA intentionally fixed many games so that the Sixers lost. The Spurs have won several titles. They won’t win any anytime soon because the biggest star in the western conference is Steph Curry. Remember the NBA is a star driven league. There are no marketable stars playing for th Spurs. #NBAIsFixed #NBAIsRacist

  6. Since we are on the topic of basketball, think about the billions and billions of dollars the NBA would lose if there were no black players!

    • Lol dang, i like the Ball Brothers. Shyted on Nike, The NBA and Jay Z but still running shyt… haha i love it!!! They shoes gone sell with or without Jay Z. He dont owe Jay Z shyt, Jay Z a groupie and fan like everybody else. They dont need his 1500. Tell Jay Z to support a broke n–ga and then brag about doing something.

  7. Young people control fashion and music !!! If this is true ….. SOMEONE NAME NAS’s 2017 Hit Record !!! I’ll Wait !!!! ~ Comment Below !!!!

  8. lol i love the Balls… they say what they feel and mean it. I dont know about Future or Migos being good but Jay Z and Nas were always whack to me too. And dont nobody listen to either

  9. @NBA is Fixed you guaranteed this past finals that Lebron n the Cavs were going to win in Game 7 this year on Fathers Day and the league already had itnset up so is the league fixed or not

  10. Looks a like a corny, loser white boy with black folk hair. LOL! Nas is one of the best rappers of all time, never disrespect a REAL POETIC RAPPER. Future is GARBAGE and always will be. I don’t even know who Migos is which is a sign that he is irrelevant as far as REAL TALENT is concerned. This generation is white washed, corny, out of touch, awkward, and everything else and this is my generation! SMH. This is why I’m an old soul.

  11. LovelyLady

    From now on your opinion is irrelevant. Jay Z and Nas whack? Who spews such blasphemy? You’re obviously not a real hip hop head so fly away bird.

    • I’m not a hip hop head. I just listen to whatever sounds good. Naw music has always been garbage, except the song he did with genuine and puffy. Jay Z have. Few good songs here and there but I’d rather dance to YG or something

      • thats the problem with our culture now females dictating shyt they don’t know about. alot of this garbage out here now caters to bird brain females. not saying “all” females because its some black women out here who are really for the culture and represent while most of yall are trend followers

        • I was going to say, call this bitch out all you want, but don’t put that shit on women…as you can see from this article this is a dude we are talking about…so chill w/ the female shit.

          • Go to a club and tell me if you here Future, Migos and YG or Nas and Jay Z…. That will tell you what ppl like. Actions speak louder than words remember. None of these rappers are smart, so putting a lot of thought into what they saying is pointless. 2Pac was the only one teaching life lessons, everyone else is just making money! So stop taking it so serious and just dance!!!

        • Im not dictating anything. I like stuff i can groove to and you cant groove to Nas and rarely Jay Z. Beats are important, nobody cares whats coming out of they mouth but hip hop heads, whoever they are. Soulja Boy clearly proved my point. The beat is #1, then saying something that flows with the beat #2, they could be saying nic nac patty wack for all i care but if it jammin, thats what i like. So my favorite rapper is YG for now until somebody come wit some better beats!

        • Aww, did a pretty lady hurt your little feelings and now you blame women for your problems Dude seriously, where did that come from? LOL
          Anyways… Ball is just a fucking kid, listening to trending music of his time. NAS was before his time.

  12. I feel the Ball boy, you can’t party to either of they music and they not pastors or teachers so what’s the point in listening to either of them. Beats be complete Garbage!!!

  13. He is a stupid ass kid, who needs to learn when to shut the fuck up. His daddy is just as ignorant, and will probably be the cause of his sons downfall.

    • You hit the nail on the head.

      I am thinking he will get hurt by another player…they took griffin out and this kid is not even as sturdy, so his days ARE numbered…lol.

      • One would think that his teammates would teach him some manners. Like when to shut the fuck up. LOL


  15. Nas music us like beautiful poetry and JayZ has some nice songs.. I will take Nas over Jay any day, butbthis basketball player needs to stick with what he knows basketball.. You won’t be listening to Future in the next decade but all my nieces and nephews knows Nas and JayZ songs.. I don’t buy music at all, it’s all free on the internet..

  16. Lovelylady

    Ha u fucking airhead.

    But then again most rappers trot out their singles in the strip club for acceptance since all music is for u is somethin for you to shake yo booty too. Magic City no?

    Most women r too busy running their traps to sit down and listen to music. Ha ha ha

  17. The damn fools we elect

    Cheap ass nigga.

    Blk ppl will never get it. We still can’t pool our resources to come together as a race. Hell most black lives matters’ events r coordinated by white ppl.

    You always have to hold blacks’ hands for their minds to evolve. We all know u can get music free but white ppl and select hispanics still buy the shit because they can and they want to.

    15 yrs from blacks will still be at the bottom of the totem pole with a lot more roses in the concrete….more mulattos too. We’ll still be hateful towards each other, sell more advanced drugs, and still be suckin on whitey’s tit. Damn!

    • Yes I cheap, have always been frugal with my hard earned money. I’m not that in love with no one music to actually buy it.. I gave other expenses to deal with.. You’re right about black people not sticking together and we sell drugs at high school games.. It not right, but this new generation you can’t tell them nothing.. They think they know it all, they don’t believe in God, but when something bad happens, I’ve never heard anyone say oh Satan, the first words out of their mouth is Oh Jesus, oh God what am I going to do.. We as a nation needs to pray more just look at the floods going around from state to state.. Sad people losing everything they own, but this us the world we live in.. I live in a small part of all of this, I’m nobody but I’m somebody in Jesus eyes.. My eyes is on the prize Jesus and salvation..Praying for redemption

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