Lil Wayne Breaks Silence After Seizures

lil wayne released hospital

After suffering two seizures on a flight from California to Wisconsin, Lil Wayne is finally speaking out and addressing his fans.

Weezy’s private jet made an emergency landing in Omaha when the seizure attack happened. The 33-year-old initially refused medical attention and re-boarded the plane. Minutes after taking off again, Weezy suffered the second seizure, requiring yet another emergency landing. He was then admitted to the hospital.

He has since been released from the hospital, but rumors are pouring in about the rapper’s drug habit.

TMZ reports Weezy was seen carrying around five 16 oz bottles of Promethazine/Codeine syrup at a club appearance just before the flight. People in attendance claim the rapper drank three of the bottles all by himself.


  1. Alright Wayne, this is your third time doing this shit! U might wanna stop while U are ahead!

  2. Unfortunately, for those who works not ?will not understand financial woes. Money aint right…um self internalizing ummm hence the heavy lean consumption.. the nigga going through something?quick to judge but never a solution #glasshousemotherf*ckers ?

  3. Judge JudyLil Wayne entourage member.

    Yall betta find a new rapper to hanger on to cuz 3 bottles of lean at 1 time is a slow suicide

  4. Birdman-Baby is the cause of all this hell in Wayne's head. I knew Wayne before he was famous and he was such a good kid as well as a prodigy. I doubt any of y'all will believe me, but he could have done anything with his brain and talent. But he was the victim of a sexual predator who showed him what he believed was love and "family" and that predator used him up and then spit him out for another victim.

    The only way to save Wayne's life is for him to have intensive reparative therapy as in an inpatient.
    Otherwise, he will be dead within a year. No Iluminati needed. This is all on that pervert Baby.

    Folks, when you see someone who tats their face and puts gauges in their ears and other weird body modifications, you are looking at a broken victim of sexual abuse as a child. Period. They are making a statement by defiling their own bodies. Please send Wayne your love and hope. Even you who hate him for his statements about skin color. Remember, he who was victimized lashes out at others as a coping mechanism. Try to have some empathy for a deeply troubled brother.

      • ms reg please stfu,
        YOU STFU…that was NOT my comment.
        I do not know Lil Wayne you obsessed moron. I don't post anonymously but we all know you do. Get your facts straight.

          • ?ms reg please stfu,
            One thing about ME if I know someone or something about someone & I want you to or anyone else to know about it, I will be THE VERY FIRST TO LET YOU KNOW. You neither speak for nor represent me in any way. I meet more people of means, wealth & celebrity in a 30 day period than you have in a lifetime. NEVER ONCE have I ever mentioned I personally know Lil Wayne. You're jealous, obsessed & can't keep MY name off your mind & fingertips which is fine but don't lie on me By now you should know better!

    • I can't have empathy for him he's a multi millionaire with the Ways and Means to have intensive therapy and rehab unlike many other broke junkies. It's obvious he is deeply troubled. Yes I do agree that it's obvious he's a child sex abuse survivor but I refuse to mammy any male.

      • C'mon now. You can have empathy for someone without enabling or "mammying" him.

        Just knowing someone is in so much pain should make any caring person feel sadness for them. But yes, he has to pull himself up.

        By the way, does Jacky and this site have the trademark for the term "mammying?"
        I saw it here first, and it seems to be catching on .

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      ~Aristotle, Politics XIII

  5. Its very SAD that he would let this drug kill him! I'm not sure how addictive it is, But I HOPE he has written his Will 🙁

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