Snoop Dogg & His Wife Reconcile After Hinting at Divorce

snoop dogg wife reconcile divorce

Back in January, it was pretty clear that Snoop Dogg and his wife, Shante Broadus, were going through marital struggles. Shante’s Instagram was full of shade directed toward the rapper, and hints of her living the single life.

But now, the two seem to back together and in love once again. Snoop posted a series of photos on his Instagram in celebration of their 19th wedding anniversary.

Nice work getting out the dog house, Snoop!


  1. I find it hard to believe that after all their time together (since high school), and everything he's been through (that murder charge and dudes trying to murk him); she would get on social media to air him out. He's also grown a lot. He went from "What's My Name" to the million man march, an athletic program, saying "nephew" instead of the n-word, and more.

    I want to believe this was a publicity stunt, or maybe she wanted a higher credit card limit.

    • She wants him to act like the gangster he sells and not the closeted trans he is at home !
      I lived with a lot of hot females in my day but never once asked to borrow their nail polishes and god knows wtf else !

      • There's a lot of cali dudes with a perm who I promise you don't want to call a trans. Facts.

        Snoop styles himself like that because women respond to it.

  2. Cheaper to keep her….I actually met her 4 yrs ago at a wedding a very cool down to earth sister. I talked to her about their daughter Kory aka "Chocolate" and Lupus at a wedding and Kordell was there mean mugging. Keep your head up ma!

  3. Snoop ain't no good. He was fkn with this Latina woman in my friend's building here in SoCal. I doubt he's ever been faithful to his wife, but he's smart enough to know, 'its cheaper to keep her'

  4. Snoop ain't a spring chicken anymore. So maybe this time things will work itself out on her behalf. Another beneficial thing for Mrs. Snoop is she will no doubt take him to the cleaners and he knows this.

  5. Snoop used to f*ck a mexican porn star name Adriana Sage. I'm not making this up! Snoop also got head from Superhead!

  6. This is old news. Shante has held on & hung in for a long time for whatever her personal reasons are but she has her own side dude of many years. She may be ready to pull a Juanita Jordan & cash out, take her half & jet but I doubt it. She seems to have everything she wants without any current embarrassing issues caused by Snoop.

  7. I always rooted for them to work things out. Even with all his indescrestions I think he wouldn't have handle it like a G had she decided to move on. Nephews don't want to have to visualize another dude breaking off a piece of their wife. Yet the women live with the husbands bs like its normal.

  8. Probly tired of being his beard. These famous male entertainers don't love these women, their just a means to maintain the illusion of the "good family man." Most of these chicks are on payroll anyways. Hey it must have been good while it lasted!

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