Joseline Takes Lie Detector to Confirm Stevie J is Gay?

josleine hernandez stevie j lie detector

Remember when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez went on a semi-coherent rant about Stevie J’s love for smashing men and transs? Well, it looks like the Puerto Rican Princess has taken a lie detector test to back up those allegations.

Joseline posted Instagram videos of herself going to a polygraph examination. Her last video she has the test results in her hand and says she has been “vindicated.”

The results will most likely air on the show’s reunion special.


  1. Who cares? This thot should be happy people are bankrolling her lifestyle for no apparent reason.

  2. This stupid hoe,why would any nigga hook up with her,as soon as she feels disrespected,she starts running her mouth.certified rat!!!!

  3. This hoe ass bitch said she finally gonna tell the truth and shame the devil. Bitch please.

  4. Well if he's gay and she's also gay, she had no problem being with him…..
    Girl please he put you on the map…

  5. This bullshit again about this drag-queen trying to expose some hmm I wonder they should do a lie detector test to confirm that she was born a man because we all know to me something is just not right here. This is the best comment here.

  6. Jose needs to take a lie detector test to prove he's a biological female but he won't because he was born a man all the rest of that is projection and bullshit so glad I never watch those idiot shows.

    Stans- don't come for me I know what trans when I see one. So many black people lack gaydar and don't know what a male to female transsexual really looks like well you're looking at one folks, when you look at Jose.

    Those photos when he was a little sissy boy don't prove ?the only thing that proves he's a girl is a lie detector test and an original birth certificate you won't be seeing either.

  7. Why is this new news? No one is shocked at trans gay rumors in the hip hop community anynore. This like a tattooed woman… No longer unusual.

  8. Funny she a hoe but yall slags watching her still #Mortonssaltanybody ??? comment or FACTS #carryon?

  9. Will somebody tell Joseph that we the public are no longer shocked at all the lies, manipulation, and debauchery that goes on in Hollyweird. She could tell us that she screws a goat every night and she wouldn't get much of a reaction from the public.

    It takes all kinds of strange things for people to do to get into Hollywood and it takes even more strange things for them to do for them to remain in Hollywood. And for those who are on the top… I'm sure they've done and seen the strangest of them all.

  10. I don't see her being alive much long he is back working with bad boy and they can take her out she better watch her back and keep quiet.

    • Mto had a story saying Stevie J is going out with Deelishis from Flavor of Love
      I dont know if its true, but if it is, Jose is going 2 be mad

  11. There were only two questions asked on the test. That was about watching day porn if Stevie watched it and if he watched it while he and hoseline were together and it who d that she were telling the truth. She probably watched it with him.

  12. why does Joseline have to wait for the reunion LOL and why does Mona have castmates on "LOVE AND HIP HOP" if they are NOT rappers. it should be RAPPERS AND THEIR GIRLFRIENDS ONLY on the show

    • Yeah. What she said. Stop putting random people on when the rules say only couples like MC Lyte and Janelle Monae qualify.

  13. We know that Stevie J is gay, because he's been smashing Jose for a few years now. We know bruh! Notice how they always say that Rihannaman had a fight with the females on the show, but you never actually see her hit them. They always jump in just in time. Why??? Because, that's a damn man, and it wouldn't be a fair fight…That's why back in the day, Maury and Jerry had those guess who's a trans shows! Is it a male or female! They were testing the publics psyche. If black people, particularly black women, couldn't tell the difference, then they can start shuffling the deck, and placing these imposter freaks into our communities. Blacks had to be introduced to this madness, and look at how many of them took the bait and enjoyed getting hooked. It's quite easy to corrupt a simple minded, child-like race of people with no culture….Something to ponder on! Or not!

    • Damn BrooklynQueen you broke it all down and you are right! There are trannies all over in Black spaces, face to face and on tv. I am not a trans basher but they are not women they are female impersonators. Jose is a female impersonator. You'd have to be blind not to see it.

  14. Remember when Josleen exposed a pregnancy test and then professed s/he had an abortion? No one acted like it was real. I began to wonder why.
    Her hair never grew in spite of her genetics. Her muscles and tone were so chiseled for not being a professional weightlifter. Her and J's love scenes were so scripted. IDK and IDC but what passes for entertainment these days sure makes me nostalgic for the 'olden' days.

  15. @BrooklynQueen…excellent point. They are placing them in our community everywhere. I always thought where the hell did all these gay black men were coming from?

  16. Regardless if Stevie J is gay or not.. My issue with his wife is that no matter how bad thngs get, you NEVER betray your spouse and start putting personal business in the street like that. Shame on her.

  17. Why she didn't have them ask her if he watches Tranny porn or male on male porn..Gay porn could be leisbain porn ..and if that's the case I watch gay porn too..This bitch was in LEARNING Disabilities classes I guarantee it!!

  18. Hold up? how rat bitches and fag calling people rats…YALL IN HIDING ?allegedly…begging pennants tf?#jumpmuchforrunningmouth now group hug.

  19. ND the sewer wants its stench back thank you? or rather shit callers.

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