Gilbert Arenas Denies Sleeping With Gloria Govan

gloria govan gilbert arenas

We’re starting to think Laura Govan is a pathological liar, because none of her stories are adding up! Yesterday, Laura went on the radio and said she pushed her sister Gloria to get with Matt Barnes to keep her away from her man, Gilbert Arenas. Laura has also hinted in the past that Gloria and Gilbert had a sexual relationship.

After the radio segment aired, Gilbert immediately denied ever having a sexual affair with Gloria. He even broke down the entire timeline of when he met Laura, when they had their four children, and when Matt and Gloria’s relationship started. Call us crazy, but we believe Gil!

gloria govan gilbert arenas sleeping together

By the way, this is the bathroom pic he’s referring to.

laura govan gloria govan bathroom picture

Knowing how cray cray Matt went when he found out Gloria was dating Derek Fisher, it does make sense that he would also beat the brakes off of Gil if he was smashing Gloria on the low, right?

Who do you believe, Laura or Gil?


  1. Is this dude serious? He can post all them dates and times all he wants but we all know if two people want to get it in…well that's just what they will do REGARDLESS. Gloria don't have no shame so she's definitely suspect and all that #gillydead bs seems to be his way of avoiding Matt coming at him.

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