Laura Govan Still Can’t Get Over Gloria Smashing Gilbert Arenas!

laura gloria govan gilbert arenas

Even though Gilbert Arenas has denied having a relationship with Gloria Govan, her sister Laura is still convinced something went down between the two of them!

In an episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life, Laura says after she introduced Gilbert to her family, things went “south real fast.”

“We started dating and it was great, and then I introduced him to my family and in a short period of time, it went south real fast. I believe that he shared a relationship with my sister.”

Iyanla even asked the Govan sisters’ mother to confirm whether or not Gloria and Gil had relations. Mama said she didn’t believe the rumors because she asked Gloria and she denied the allegations.

You can watch the full episode here.


  1. Gold diggers like this one and the Jackson boy, go crazy when they think Iyanla is suggesting they actually get a job LOL LOL

  2. It’s sad that as a mother of 5 kids, she is going on multiple reality shows and airing all her dirty laundry for a buck. Maybe stop having so many cosmetic procedures and save your $ and get therapy. She has too many unresolved issues issues to be happy.

  3. its obvious Gloria smashed, she’s the attractive Sister, Gilbert has to be a dumbass if he did not smash… but then they just need to sit down and work it out. I think theres that sibling rivalry, Jealousy, Gloria got a man she don’t have a man, Gloria got married, she never got married, stuff like that smh

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