Kirk Frost has Jump-Offs Outting Jump-Offs

Jasmine Washington, the woman who Kirk Frost allegedly cheated on Rasheeda with and subsequently got pregnant, is now accusing the reality TV playa of cheating on her with another woman … and getting her pregnant too. I know, this is very ironic and she mad too!

Jasmine also claims Kirk gave her money and helped pay for a car in return for her silence.

Jump-off Jasmine writes the following:

“This b**ch had an abortion because of Kirk (he told me this but he wasn’t sure if it was his, plus Kirk’s friend told me, plus she confirmed it with Rod)… Kirk helped with the down payment on a her car because she was threatening to out him. He also paid her bills.”


  1. Lol I guess one would have to be in Rasheedas shoes to understand why a woman so beautiful and supposedly smart is scared to leave a man that is so lame. Let them third have Kirk and see where he end up.

  2. If Rasheeda don’t divorce his dirty ugly azz after all this, then she deserves whatever bullshit he’s serving her at this point. I really can’t feel sorry for her weak azz.

  3. Rasheeda has been with Kirk since she was 15. He is the only man she knows. Very sad. She doesn’t know her worth.

  4. Wen you married for a long time . have kids . an business you don’t just break up They probably not 2gether sexually but business wise They gotta stay 2gether .

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