Is Chris Brown Trying to a Ruin Party Girls Life?

Chris Brown took to his Instagram to publicly attack a young woman he labeled a “stalker”. In that video (below), a friend of Chris’s can be seen yelling at the girl to “never come back” to his house again.

Now, word on the curb is that the girl in questions, Julia, is saying she was at the Chris’ crib for several days, and ,last night they got into a huge fight and he kicked her out. She said everything seem like a blur she doesn’t remember much from last night except they were all partying hard. She didn’t say if drugs played a
role. In these situations, drugs almost always do!


  1. That definetly sounds about right. He talking about we got him f’d up if we think he allowed her into his house. But she look and act like every other girl he let in his house, she just obviously drunk or on drugs. Ain’t no way she carried all that stuff up them Hills where he live. I’m starting to become discussed of Chris at this point, I like his music but I will not shed a tear for that man when his illuminati execs are ready to off him.

  2. Chris better hope she don’t come back w/ some fools from the bay. Because if he thought LA dudes were wild, the bay is a whole other ball game.

  3. She was invited in and then kicked out. We will hear some news about CB one day and it won’t be good. I hope he has his affairs in order and writes a good will to cover his mom and enough to support his daughter but leaves the bulk of it when she becomes an adult so those around her won’t pilfer her accounts. Look at how Prince exited with no papers.

  4. U right since that Rihanna and Jay-Z set up suppose beating he have been target alot

  5. Its not her home to move into….soooooo , whats the story here ? No matter who says what …its HIS HOME …not hers . PERIOD … PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY TO THINK SHE IS NOT OUT OF HER MIND .

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