Kimbella Dresses Her Daughter Like a Mini-Thot

Kimbella Dresses Her Daughter Like a Mini-Thot

Former Love & Hip Hop New York’s Kimbella thought it would be cute to dress her daughter up in mini-thot attire all in the name of promoting some cheap swimsuit company.

“Don’t we look cute & ready to show out in our matching swimsuits?! I found these cute matching mommy & daughter swimsuits on @eve.jnr get 20% off using my Code BELLA,” – Kimbella

We know Kimbella is always down to show off her fake cakes, but is it right for her to put her daughter Bella in a bikini that looks like it was made for a grown ass woman?

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    • Then who should we blame? The little girl?
      I blame all who’s involved in this pedophilia photo. The mother, the photographer, where’s the father at?, all adults involved who think it’s cute.

      • That’s some JonBenet shit going on there. I hope she doesn’t end up the same way.

      • if You read correctly I didn’t blame the little Girl!. all I said was Black Women!!

        little Girls aren’t Women, yet!

        this is some shyt what White People would do, not Black People

  1. That is a damn shame! Look at the little girl! Already showing her private area! That’s too damn young! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!!!!!

  2. @20:17 Don’t forget the implants and the butt shots later on. There was nothing wrong with Kimbella. Now she done f*cked up her body, it won’t be long her lil girl is going to be the same way. Mind U the lil girl was in Handy’s and Mendeecees’s wedding looking so cute. Julez looked good as one of the groomsmen but Kimbella? No!!!!

  3. in this land of the great caucasian way, it is unjustifiably considered normal to parade your children around, while they wear improper clothing, in front of pedophiles. for example, in a country full of pedophiles and millions of missing and sexually abused children over the past few decades, how come major corporations are allowed to show bare baby bottoms during daytime diaper commercials? to me, it seems, the sight of that baby bottom would fuel the fire of some pedophile sitting home on his couch just waiting for his fire to get fueled…

    • A baby’s bottom in a diaper commercial like the Honest Co. is not sexual. That photo of Kimbella’s toddler is sexual. Just like the little girls in those beauty pageants who are thotted up with makeup, weave and suggestive attire. It’s like the mothers are asking for perverts to drool over them.

  4. Wasn’t kimbella big as hell on the lhhny reunion show? I guess she moved that fat around. You can’t tell these build a thots nothing. These men be chasing down these fake ass women in which nothing on their body is real.

  5. I can’t believe she did this to her child, what the hell was she thinking?!? Did she even look at the pic before posting or uploading it? Anyone with eyes can see how uncomfortable this child is. The picture needs to be blurred out for her own protection, she is an innocent child and no one needs to be viewing this. Shame on you Kimbella, you need to turn that thirst dial down a couple of notches. And where is her father, what does he have to say about this? HSK please take this pic down, you are no better than her mom for posting this. Very disappointing……

  6. so you say a naked ass on a child i NOT enticing to a pedophile???? wake up

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