Fazion Love Revokes Katt Williams Pimp Pass

Hazel E Katt Williams Trick

HSK Exclusive – Comedian Faizon Love said Katt Williams should stop pretending to be a pimp and act more like what he truly is, a SUGAR DADDY!.

An insider is saying Fazion Love is speaking like this because Katt Williams girlfriend Hazel E, recently said Williams bought her a new home, paid for her nose job and that Williams also purchased Hazel E 100K in diamonds.

Katt Williams Hazel E

“Katt ain’t pimp…he’s a f*cking sugar daddy.” ~Faizon Love

Dig the drop:

“Faizon is saying Katt should change his whole act. Katt should cut-off his perm, get a fade and tell his audience that a hood-rat reality star transformed him into a hip hop trick.”


  1. What’s faizon been up to lately????
    KATTS the man stop hating on lil pimp !
    He’s happy let him love !

  2. Hazel E once dated Chet Haze!!

    I don’t think this relationship is going to last, because Hazel E is more like a Beach Bum than a Hip Hop Queen

  3. If Katt thinks she’s worth it, I don’t know what everybody’s problem is.

  4. Love you even more now Katt. Even though I did not think it was possible to love you more than I did. Do your thang. Much love to you and her. Blessed be.

  5. Faizon, its just my humble opinion, but you should have kept it classy and not said anything.

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