Inside Drake’s THOT Bash: Athletes, Trans & Debauchery!

Drake Shit Eating Grin

HSK Exclusive – Drake recently threw a birthday bash for his latest THOT, IG escort, Maddy Bucks. The full blown trick affair went down at Drizzy’s Hidden Hills Calabassas, California home. That’s where witnesses say the likes of NBA player Brandon Jennings — who was reported at the party WITHOUT his former pregnant girlfriend Tae Hackhard — didn’t fail to show his azz!

“Brandon was smashing all kinds of different chicks in the bathroom.” ~Anonymous Source

This isn’t the first event of its kind for Drake … Just ask Jhonni Blaze, who airs Aubrey out for “paying Game to be his friend.” It’s no wonder why Drake is being called “one of the biggest tricks in Hollywood.”

“It was funny to see Kanye West singing happy birthday to a stripper who gets finger popped at the Ace of Diamonds strip club for fifty-bucks.”

Kanye West Maddy Bucks

The drop:

“Amber Rose and Blac Chyna brought their gay friends to the party. There were transs at the party. Every girl who was hot brought a f*g.

The Game is playing Drake. Him and Drake were inseparable. Game knows Drake had an opening for a hood friend and he took the job.”


  1. Like we didn’t already know them gay boys !
    Why would there be any!!!!!! Trannys at a straight party …there wouldn’t and once we found out …
    We throwing that ass out !!!!!
    But these tough artist all flock to the trans scene ! Thugs really I’ve never seen so many tough homos in my life ! Accept in jail !

  2. Hell I tripping over the part that Tae Heckhard is pregnant! Who in the hell got that much time in the world and got that hoe pregnant? These fools better wake the hell up! No wonder that our race is being laughed at because these fools don’t have the common sense to strap up! And these dumb ass women think having a child is their meal ticket for an exclusive lifestyle? Better wake the hell up! She be another damn fool just like Siovaughn Wade, Pilar Sanders, Tameka Foster, Tamika Fuller and many others.

  3. Kanye always looks like that type of bruh that has stank breath all the time and always wants to be right up in your face with it like no one ever taught him the concept of personal space.

  4. I lost all my respect for Black Men in Hollywood, they coon, they mock sexfully and chocolateble Black Women for White Women’s pleasure.

    Kanye West has change into someone cocky,shallow

    • Real talk… you lost your respect for Black Men in Hollywood because there’s no coverage on the real ones… it was designed socially for you to first garner a particular opinion about Black Men in Hollywood (like the rest of us) and then secondly, subconsciously (and slowly) bring that opinion over to the rest of the Black men in your life…

      What’s what they do, baby girl… and they’re quite good at what they do. Unless we stop putting this garbage in our minds 24/7, we’re f*cked.

  5. I deliver for bossanova in hllywd. Lots of black music artist come into eat and everyone else is star watching. It’s open til 4am. Anyway I delivered food to Amber and wiz on their engagement…..lots of transs, piercing freaks and generally out of place misfits. The grass is always greener.

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