Jay Z’s Unclaimed Son Rymir Satterthwaite Speak Out

Jay Z Lovechild

The 21-year-old unclaimed son of Jay Z, Rymir Satterthwaite, is speaking out about being Jay Z’s long ago abandoned son. This after HSK exclusively obtained and brokered the sale of the photo below showing Jay Z and Rymir’s mother hugged up, to RadarOnline’s parent company, The National Enquirer.

Jay Z Baby Momma

Now that the issues has been pushed to the back by the media, Rymir is keeping the story alive by speaking to RadarOnline.

Here’s some of what Rymir told ROI:

“There was a whole lot of running around. We didn’t have enough information to push the case, to keep the case going. I try not to get frustrated. I really try not to think about it and go on with my life — anything could happen but I still got to live for myself.

At the end of the day I still gotta work and bring income in for me. I just take one day at time and plan my life.”


  1. I feel bad for Rymir. Why did his mom wait so long to tell him that Jayz may be his father? Did she contact JayZ as soon as she found out she was pregnant? Did she want to be pregnant? I mean were they in a relationship or was she just a side piece who he f*cked when he came to town.
    He should be asking his mom what was the relationship between you and Jay Z? Was she in a position to have a baby at that time? If she told Jay back then, I know he wasn’t too happy about it. Being that he was focused on his rap career.
    We can’t always blame the father for not being n the child’s life. Blame the mom too, because she knew exactly what she was getting into. She wasn’t a saint…..he smashed her raw and she let him.

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  2. A reaman acknowledges his children. When confronted with a possible child they get tested to confirm. There is no limitation on the love you feel for your child. There is no amount of money that should deter you from being the best parent to All of children. Money should only enhance the opportunities you provide to your children. Just a little of my commonsense. Much love to my sisters that stand strong for their children regardless of the father being present or not. Much love to the rare breed of MEN who are present and active parents.

  3. People need to stop running Their mouths, until They know if He’s the actual father

    because Micheal Jordan has this same problem, a confused teen bashed Him online claiming Micheal’s was His father. but His mother lied!!! or something like that

    what Rymir needs to do is wait for the DNA test, and don’t talk about it until it’s proven!
    because if Jayz is not He’s father, Rymir is going to look like fool!!

  4. easy as hell to get some of Jay Z’s DNA for a test that kid gotta make a deal with a magazine they’d pay to have some waitress pass the cocktail glass fork, etc over to them to test.

  5. This is a very poorly written article hsk dang I really miss you jacky are u ever coming back bro

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