Kim Kardashian And Jay Z Past Relationship Revealed?

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A new tell-all book from former Kardashian exes reveals that Kim Kardashian and Jay Z had a relationship.

After being kicked to the curb by their significant Kardashians, Scott Disick and Lamar Odom are working together on a book that will reveal all of the Kardashian family secrets.  Kourtney finally left her drunk baby daddy recently, and Khloe gave up on Lamar and his crack smoking ways.  Both men are furious and looking to take revenge in the form of spilling all the tea.

kim kardashian jay z

Beyonce has always been weary of Kim, and you never really see the two being friendly, and according to the latest issue of Life & Style, that’s because Kimmy Cakes was smashing Jay Z in years past.

A source with knowledge of what Disick and Odom are revealing says that they left “nothing off limits” and what they will reveals “could destroy the family’s brand forever.”   Seeing the intimate underworking of the family, the two scorned dudes must have a lot of dirt.


  1. so what what they gone tell we already knew jigga hit kim hell we all know kim been ran through and khloe wasn’t a virgin when lamar met her.

    we know kim’s on cocaine even though she denied it, we know lamars a drug addict.

    what dirt they have looks like they wanna a payofgf lamar needs drug money.


    • It does not help to f*ck dudes whose sperm is so dysfunctional…that they cannot impregnate you.

  3. I wont be surprised if that family offers Scott and Lamar a payola to keep shut! I wont be surprised if Kylie and Tyga make that Vivid sex tape.

  4. Everything about the family is fake from their breasts to their butts. Their built on fraud so what if OJ is really Khloe’s dad or Kanye has been sleeping with Kris.

  5. How dare u question what hova wears how dare u hes our god the supreme ruler of the universe

  6. So what? Who hadn’t Kim screwed? If she was worth anything to him he would have married her instead. Kim is morphing into her momma. Looks just like her in that photo up top…not good.

  7. Are there any black men Kim Kartrashian hasn’t been on her back, stomach & knees for?

  8. I knew it. Kanye and Jay-Z are close friends. Normally the wives of close friends hang out together, vacation, etc. It had to be more than dislike. I would not want that whore around my man either. To think that Kanye married this slut. Disgusting!

  9. All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie people all are to. you are not ah straight man if you want anything sexual from another man period.

    Everything all of you said yup pretty much sums it up. Not surprising tho

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