Chris Brown Wants Karrueche Back, Says “Nothing Can Keep Him Away”

chris brown karrueche tran


Chris Brown posted a cryptic message on Instagram to let Karrueche Tran know he won’t let her go.

As usual, Breezy has been all over the place on IG recently.  He put two massive tattoos on the back of his head, one of the Venus de Milo and one of a raging bull (which is appropriate for him to get) and posted it online for everyone to see.

The R&B singer has been all up in his feels lately as he’s dealt with his home being robbed by people he knows, and the drama with his baby mama, Nia Guzman, as the two battle it out over Royalty custody rights.

Probably looking for some normalcy in his life, Brown has been hurting to get Karrueche back.  He fired shots on IG when Marques Houston hollered at Tran, and now he made a post to let his ex know he wants her back.

chris brown karrueche back together

If you want to post thirsty comments on Karrueche’s Insta just be ready to feel the wrath of Chris because “Nothing can keep him away.”


  1. sounds like hes stalking. and really when a man says this I’d watch out for him he might follow her around and he sounds pocessive cb wants somebody he can control.

  2. Murder is the case that they gave him! He’s close to losing it he ain’t right in the head

    • That’s partly due to him tattooing his damn head!
      We’d all be nuts after such trauma to our scalp!

  3. Yeah honoring baal.and his sister wife astarte and hoyse geyting robbed, going to jail claimi.g hees a blood shootout at a party fighting over whores

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