Kim K Embarrassed by Kanye, Secretly Planning Divorce?

kim kardashian embarrassed kanye west

According to sources, Kim Kardashian is embarrassed by her husband, Kanye West, and she’s secretly planning to divorce him!

An insider claims Kim is unhappy and fed up with Kanye’s “bizarre behavior.”

The rapper is full of demands and has constant meltdowns, so Kim has been meeting up with a divorce attorney to talk about ending things. This is her third husband by the way.

“She’s putting on this happy face and keeping the truth from Kanye, because he’ll explode if he finds out. He’s so moody and controlling. He micromanages everything from what she wears to what they do in the bedroom. They argue all the time. Kim is exhausted and just can’t take it anymore,”

I guess Kim is tired of putting her fingers in his booty, so the Kardashian smear campaign against the rapper has begun!

“Kim is embarrassed by Kanye. His tirades and behaving like he’s God are cringe worthy for her. It’s just one thing after another, and Kim doesn’t know when it’s going to stop,”

Can you really blame her for wanting a divorce though?


  1. Sasha R, ?
    You know we love you to pieces, HOWEVER, you politely posted this article like the HSK family gives a damn about this Armenian tramp & her token negro. I'm speaking on behalf of ALL of us….WE DON'T CARE!

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    • Ms Reg STFU being a boring control freak! Get your own blog. Didn't your mama teach you not to mess with other people's money?? Go tell Harvey Levin how to curate TMZ! But you won't.

      • Anonymous Jun 4, 2016 at 10:21,

        ?Make me…you're so big, bad & almighty.
        EVERYONE who knows anything about me know I detest at things pertaining to TMZ, it's subsidiaries & Harvey Levin. YOU don't know if I'm on certain watch lists with many others due to my opinion & open statement I've to & about Harvey Levin personally. So, having said all that YOU STFU, leave the F@*# alone & take note that I'll say what I want, when I want, to whom I want & I don't require your permission.
        Now, go ask your mother about that.

        • What I intended do to say was:

          "Leave ME the F@*# alone & take note that I'll say what I want, when I want, to whom I want & I don't require your permission."
          Last I checked I was teasing Sasha as I often do. Don't recall checking for anywhere in comment.

            • ???Anonymous Jun 5, 2016 at 16:59,
              I must NOT be too boring…you hang on my every word but
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      • Sasha,
        Girl, you know it's true!!!!
        You know when you cover stories on them you're sitting at your desk looking like? & thinking "I'll be so happy when these fools are GONE!"

    • I can't read this site on my phone. It has to be from the desktop computer. The ads are a killer.

      • I can with my iPhone 6 Plus but the pop up ads are annoying as hell and limit my time visiting the site take notes Sasha and Jacky.

      • Get the ad blocker browser. I use it on my cell and those aggressive ads don't appear.

    • Ms Reg, you beat me to saying just about the same thing. If we never see or hear about any of them again in life including the Jenner ones too I highly doubt anybody would care.

      As for that bitch ass Anonymous @ Jun 4, 2016 at 10:21 who was trying to be cute…
      You should have asked that punk didn't it's mother teach them to mind their own f$%#ing business and how to kiss your entire ass while she was at it. You try to be too damn nice all the time. Sometimes you have to tell a MFer how and when to step the f%^! back.

      • I feel Sorry for both of you bitches bastards I'm sure your kids resent you for being such assholes

        • So Cal Soul,
          First the moron came after me when I was heckling Sasha as I'm known to do.
          After I responded the same moron then basically said I was boring & makes a show of being morally superior to other people by calling me sanctimonious. Now the same vicious moron is down the thread calling us "bitches & bastards" of which I'll let you address on your own should you choose to but I will say this…It's clear Anonymous Jun 5, 2016 at 17:01 has a problem & is in need of far more attention than anyone here on HSK can provide. The bitches it's referring to must be the unfortunate bitch who birth them & the bastards it's referring to must be itself because like you I was born to parents who were in a well established marriage long before I was born. As for your kids or mine…it's just something for Anonymous Jun 5, 2016 at 17:01 to say. What our friends, kids or others feel about us or anyone on HSK is none of their business. I pray for haters of this kind & keep it moving & suggest you do the same. Please don't bother to engage in such negativity. It's not worth it & bad for the spirit. There are so many better things to do….just saying!
          It's just a blog So Cal Soul…just a blog!!!!

          • Ms Reg…
            O~o …me looking at your comments sideways going "WTF????…"
            You are way too nice and civilized even when you shouldn't and don't have to be. You allow yourself to be targeted like that. You need to put that "love the whole world and all it's people" down and go left on a motherf*cka like that….just saying but okay.

      • And your left out your copycat name snatching trouble making SELF.
        Everybody who is not you is sick of your obsession with her.

    • She married this bitch coz he is a bitch !!!,
      Too late for a change dumb ass bitches can't wait to try and change a man after they get him wtf kind of logic is that!???
      This explains why women have so many shoes that hurt their feet ?
      But look nice dumb ass women grow up !

  2. For the 1st time, I actually feel sorry for Kim. I know exactly what this feels like: "…He’s so moody and controlling. He micromanages everything from what she wears to what they do in the bedroom. They argue all the time."
    -She is living in a nightmare. Having to put on a sane, smiley face, while living with a monster can drive you crazy. She has to walk around on egg shells, protect her children, work, provide for the family, and deal with the public. That's too much for any human to deal with. Kim is going through! God bless her.

    • Why? She knew what she was getting into. She milked him dry. That man is nearly broke. She loved the road he paved for her to get on the red carpet and rub elbows with A listers and fashion designer gods. She used him. Yes, he allowed it because he is blind, mentally ill, but she and her family used him to the hilt. Not sorry for that grifter.

      • @ Anonymous, You are right on point. Kim and her family are good at the game they play of social climbing. They saw how black men lusted after a certain type of woman and used it to move up the ladder socially and financially. Don't hate them , but they are true business women. We may not like the business they are in, but they are nobodys fool. Everything is done very strategically and as a result they stay winning. Even the negative publicity about how she is suffering in the marriage to Kanye is being strategically planted in the media so she can gain the sympathy of the public and as a result it will help her get a settlement so great you could never even imagine it in your wildest dreams.
        These women stay winning because they think with their head and not their hearts……… just saying….

        • These black men are targeted. They used the simps, marry them rich, use their money, dump them as soon as things start going south. That is not good business. That is a special kind of grifting and that they do it with black men exclusively, it's some kind of racist business. I hardly see that as an attribute. Just because they have profited financially is not great achievement in the dollar game. I think this sort of thing breeds a really bad precedence. People will celebrate if their boat sinks or if their plane crashes. Their way of getting money breeds contempt and hate and people don't feel good about feeling so contemptuous.

      • Ain't that the truth…..the Hoedashians are high-priced ratchet whores on the social climb for decades, and Kanye deserves everything he gets as he progressively melts down his career…..I could give a F%*K about who they're humping even though I'm guilty of reading something about them time to time….how can you not?! The world is talking about them like they actually have something to offer the world(other than materialism and trash)….so we end up hearing/reading about their effluvia even when we don't want to…..I guess most of them are gonna die at some point due to their butt implant injections….But not soon enough, imo

    • LMAO at u feeling sorry for her. That's some funny shit

    • @ 09:35 – You a fool. That armenian gypsy with the diaper booty butt transplant wanted a black man so bad – she made her bed now she's sleeping in it flees, kanye's booty juice and all. LOL NO SYMPATHY HERE

  3. Really? She's embarrassed of him! Wow! Yeezy was lobotomized! So was Lamar Odom and kat Williams! Watch called disturbing behavior with Katie Holmes! The Stepford wives movie the one from the 70's first! Then research or google lobotomy! And watch what you find…If you look at Lamar Odom's hospital pic, he has a bandage over his head! Why??? They have a blank stare, erratic behaviors, change in personalities and it's not only drugs. Don't be so dismissive! Even Dave Chappelle! People are saying that their clones! They're lobotomizing these negroes. Whether it's a chemical or surgical lobotomy, it's a lobotomy nonetheless. The whole inpatient mental hospital, insane asylum, sanitarium, scam in America was dedicated and predicated to this atrocity!

  4. Please??! This white plastic surgery addicted hooker chose to marry for pr to a mentally ill down low black male bedwench rapper! I bet he f*cked Bruce Jenner, too!

    • Bruce Jenner may be confused but he's not gay. That's why he won't give up his peen. He's essentially a lesbian.

      • ????Bruce is GAY! And was back in the 1970s Many gave men marry women to make families didn't you know this??

      • So a man getting a boob job and cross dressing ain't gay enough cause he still has His dick lots if femme fag bottoms keep their dicks

      • Anon 10:30 Is correct, but the ignorant fools here still don't understand gender confusion from sexual preference.

        To them a man in a dress=fag, and that's that. Bruce is a card carrying freak and an attention ho supreme, but he isn't gay.

        • Sorry idiot some of us live in diverse areas and know man like Bruce Jenner he is gay. Watch and see who he dates he will end up dating a man think you know what all you don't??

          • You are being close minded still about this issue. Bruce wants to dress up as a woman, be some woman publicly. What Bruce does not want to be is a man's woman.

            He dresses the part, etc. But still likes sex with real women. It's all very strange. Even I don't get it sometimes, but he is essentially a male transvestite who wants to live as such openly. Not all male transvestites are gay. When it comes to banging, he desires a real female.

        • U are right. He says he still sleep and is only sexually attracted to women
          I think he had to do this change for business reasons and some men are only transvestites

      • Lol!@ 10:30… is that why several gay guys had said they'd previously had relations with Bruce, back in the day… or how about him wearing those cropped t-shirts and oh-so-tight cropped shorts playing a character in the 1980s movie 'Can't Stop The Music' – based on the Village People [with at least two of its openly gay members] targetting the gay community… and then most recently [jan. 2016] saying he is ready to date men?

  5. Kanye is not going away quietly, they will have to off him. He's essentially dead man walking. They won't let him take this kids away and they won't share. Nope

    • You know that egotistical freak would never want to be a custodial parent! But yeah Kanye is over.

  6. When he goes to his quiet place and during a moment of lucidity, does Kanye ever say to himself
    "I'm over as an artist"
    "I'm going broke"
    and "I made a huge mistake marrying this demon."

      • Either they are ashamed because the boy looks black with dark skin or the boy is disabled

        • The boy has something going on with him and they are trying to hide it. They think the poor baby's issues reflect on them in a negative way. It's the boy with the problem, not his crazy parents. I feel bad for that poor baby. Being born male is not a plus in that family.

    • I feel he's thinking of the first 2 questions, but is too caught up with his personal world and ego to be thinking about #3 yet…..but, it's coming

  7. Stop the BS , now that she done pushed out two kids for him , shes got at least 21 years of checks coming to her … that ho was in it for the long haul… that is whats up. But who cares Kianye is just another stupid negro who dont peep game . And we as a community have no respect for his mentally inept behind .

      • $50K per month? Oh my sides!!!!

        Try triple that. But she is worth more than he is, so the judge will take that into consideration.

        • So true. There was a time Lamar was worth more than Khloe and now there is a reversal of fortune. Let me tell you who this happens:

          They both had plenty money. Kanye 'as the man of the family and provider' uses his money for private plane, expensive vacations and constant travel, expensive dinners, clothing, cars, and homes, care of the kids and household. Even as a millionaire you have to watch this kind of spending.

          As his money dwindles with all that spending, hers is sitting pretty in the stock market. This is how the wallets become unbalance. Next is the financial 'talk.' When a man does that, it means he is concerned about his wallet. This is when Kim starts looking at her options. He is now becoming a liability. Living the high life is fine while married, but providing for the high life of the ex spouse after divorce is painful. Kim does not want to provide for his life style with whoever on her back.

          So the race to divorce is on, as is with Khloe who has realized she will have to pay Lamar alimony.

    • That's what they were going for charmin. The theme of the Ball was futuristic space oddesey shit.

      The were going for that interplanetary swirl look.

  8. No sympathy. This contracted marriage lasted longer than I thought it would. Hopefully there'll be a murder / suicide at some point in the future. Could care less –

    • A few of us here have been saying it for months.
      It's just a matter of time and because most of us are now on to them we won't give a damn.
      Frankly, I'm sure half the entire world will be happy as hell hoping all the rest of them will somehow die off. It's bad to be that sick of certain people.

      • Hopefully Kanye will start spilling. That would be something to remember and tell the grand kids about. He knows it all. He's broke so a book deal could be in the works. Ooh do tell Kangay, do tell …

    • I think Kanye is crazy but not too crazy to realize his career is over and his fashion career is a nonstarter. When he realized just how much those people have used him, he may just become that determined not to go so quietly into the night. He will hurt them but they will try to get to him first. Just wait for it. That woman in her consultation with attorney is looking at all angles: family, money, kids, entertainment dollars post Kanye, the kids being with Kanye and his own family which the Kardashians do not want. She enjoyed the courtship, what he gave her and her family, but the ending will not be pleasant.

      • I like what you are saying, but doesn't anyone understand marital law? There is nor HIS or HER money from the date of the marriage forward. They may be spending "his" money on private jets and all the bells and whistles, but if and when they divorce, ALL of the monies warned during their marriage will be split 50-50.

        Kim has earned exponentially more than Kanyetta during their marriage. Shoot, all of her apps and deals to push products bring in a fortune every month(pregnancy test anyone?)

        A lot of people her lament the fact that a wealthy black man's fortune will fall into the hand's of a white woman, hence back into the white community, but in this case, it will be sweet revenge indeed when Kim ends up having to pay Kanyetta.
        He's not the brightest bulb, but I wager that he has enough sense to retain some very shrewd counsel when the time comes.

        The worm is turning folks.

  9. '[Wo]men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.' ~ James Allen, As A Man Thinketh.

    According to Forbes OVER FOUR YEARS AGO back on April 24, 2012 when it said: 'Branding experts have been calling for an end to the Kardashian corporation for months now…', this was ironically on the SAME DAY [after that publication] that she decided to go public with him, and after they'd attended the opening of Scott's meatpacking district restaurant…

    Then within 5 record breaking months of going public [and still married to Kris Humphries] she managed to get herself knocked up despite previously claiming she had the 'eggs of a woman in her fifties' [implying faux fertility problems].

    This was done in a deliberate and desperate attempt following on from the major backlash and plummeting drop in show ratings from fraudulently marrying Humphries; pocketing large sums of money from the sponsors and keeping the wedding gifts from that publicity stunt wedding and then divorcing [Humphries] after 72 days.

    Don't feel sorry for her… she broke up his previous relationship with Alexis Phifer [an ACTUAL fashion designer] whom he had dated for 6 years and was engaged to for 18 months by sending naked pictures of herself to him… and then she crept about with him whilst still in a relationship with Reggie Bush… and not forgetting giving birth to North whilst also still married to Humphries…

    "She should thank me for my discretion for not mentioning the fact when i was the Overnight Manager at the W Hotel… i was the one making kanye keys to her suit at 2am!!! Back when she was supposed to be with the love of her life Reggie Bush right??" – Myla Sinanaj – May 31, 2013.

    And just like Lamar [and the failed sacrifice and I believe another attempt to be made on his life] Kanye is next, now that he's served his purpose [fashion shows, parties, award ceremonies, vogue et al] and she's got the 2 x 21 year insurance policies…

    Finally, when rearranging their names you get…
    Yes We Tank and His Kinda Karma…

    • Yes, Lamar is definitively a failed sacrifice. Kanye will not be that easy though and he is definitively next.

    • They will hurt Kanye but the A listers will abandon the K/J at which point, they will want to bring Kanye back into the family. Just wait for it. No way will Kendall get those fashion contracts and forget the rest getting invited to magazine covers, shows, etc.

  10. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch,
    THANK YOU?????
    My friend manages family assets for USB told me how some of the staff at Forbes spoke about the Kardashians when they were preparing to cover him for their annual Under 30 issue in January…nothing nice was said, however, the mention of Harvey Levin's "behind the scenes pulling strings" was heavily discussed.

    • Yep the thing with the Kardashians is that they manage to control the media narrative around them so while they do terrible things, the media sells a different story making them look human. Harvey and Ryan seacrest are very involved in this.

      • You mean like Khloe coming across as a dutiful wife in the media while beckoning that fool of a husband to kick the bucket so she could inherit what little money he has left. If she has 30 millions 2 millions will give her 2 more millions.

  11. I could see where KK and Chrissy's faces were looking squeamish at one another after KW went off on the photogs at that restaurant where they had dinner in Malibu. It was almost like they were silently saying to one another "see what I mean?" "Yeah, I see what you been talking about".
    IMO the K Klan are viewed as 'niggers' and low class by the blue blood rich folks and the klan knows it so they pander to any and everybody that validates their money 'status'. This is why they they gravitate to black people in the same boat and America loves them because America is not the 1%.
    KW always refers to his 'wife' and not her name, as though she is his accomplishment.

  12. The K klan is viewed as niggers by the blue bloods even though they have money and this is why they gravitate to black people.
    Chrissy gave that "I know what you mean" look to KK after KW went off in Malibu at that restaurant.
    KW always refers to his 'wife' instead of using her name. Makes her sound like an accomplishment.

  13. The Kards are ignored and avoided by the blue bloods. This makes them have something in common with the 99%.
    KW refers to KK as his 'wife'. Never uses her name. Acts like she is his 'accomplishment'.
    Chris T gave that look to KK at that restaurant like "so this is what you been talking about!" after KW went off on the photogs.

    • The Kards are well payed puppets by the isra-elite semite bloodlines… They are like white uncle Toms…

  14. She is not Mother of the year. She keep showing what anyone who wanted to, have seen, again, and again, and again, and a…………….

  15. and kim k doest know that she's the one who tarnished ye's image/energy…typical. she ditches EVERY1 after SHE tarnishes their image LOL 😀

    • Yes…AFTER she ruins there image.
      The only one who came away unscathed was Reggie Bush..but just barely.

  16. I'm tired of this heifer much like the rest of y'all. However she clearly doesn't love that man at all. Marriage is for the better or worse and tho I do not condone the f*ckery, I can say this, when a man loses his Mother, it gets really difficult to face the world.
    Think he's going through a meltdown and needs love and support to get through it. I will fight for my man cuz that's what love is about. She doesn't have a clue about love and other drugs.

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