Future’s Baby Mama Sues for More Child Support, Claims Neglect

future baby mama child support

Future has just been hit with yet another lawsuit…but not by Ciara. This time, the rapper is being sued by one of his other baby mamas, Jessica Smith.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Jessica is asking for an increase in child support since Future’s rap career has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. She is also making claims that he is neglecting their 14-year-old-son.

Currently, Future pays $2,800 a month in child support, and she wants the amount increased to reflect his new monthly income.

She also says Future neglects to maintain a “meaningful, loving relationship” with their son. The boy suffers from “emotional and behavioral issues stemming from Future’s neglect as a father.”

The son is allegedly in need of behavioral and clinical therapy to address the emotional trauma he is suffering.


  1. Oh Gawd, these women made the choice of having a child by him. If the son is having emotional problems, maybe just maybe it might be her fault.

    • Truth! One that a lot of these single black moms don't want to own up too or admit.

      • Maybe the black deadbeat dads need to participate in boy's upbringing too
        Don't u think ? smh

  2. You can tell he's a chump ass punk any black male with blond hair like that is a punk

  3. You can straight up look at this nigga and immediately tell he ain't shit. It's unfortunate the women(ciara included) who procreated with him couldn't see the same. Ladies serious consider who you lay down with, and use some goddamn protection christ sake!

  4. I don't know you guys….
    I'm on the fence on this one purely from a financial perspective. If this bum negro who has no relationship with one of his how many ever illegitimate kids he has is besides this point. If he has 20 kids they should ALL receive the same support amount per month based on his income & if he is a non-custodial parent who does NOT have 50% joint custody & regular visitation he should pay even more.

    I hope the court hands his ass to him. Fathers making $30k & less are out here paying child support & spending quality time with their kids so his rapping ass is not special or exempt.

  5. The kids going through puberty. Shes putting on future because SHES emotionally unstable without him.

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