Jodie Foster Claims Hollywood Producer Asked to “See Her Body” @ Age 14

jodi foster hollywood producer see her body

More and more child actors are speaking out against sleazy Hollywood bigwigs. Just a week after Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood hinted at a pedo-ring in the industry, Jodie Foster is telling her story about an incident she had with a Tinsel Town producer.

According to Foster, the producer tried to take advantage of her when she was just 14-years-old. Her mom was out of town, and the producer tried to arrange a secret meeting with her so he could “see her body.”

“He called me at a friend’s house on the weekend where I was having a sleepover and he pretended that we had an appointment that I’d forgotten about. My mom was out of town. He had me come to the appointment and he was talking to me and then asked me to take my jacket off and turn around so he could see my body,”

When Foster’s agent heard about the incident, he allegedly went to the producer’s office and punched him in the face!

No word yet on who the producer is. Any guesses?


  1. Jodie Foster MUST be falling off her programing rails OR she wants something & the studios won't give it to her. Something is up…

    I'm not questioning the fact that the incident happened because I totally believe it just like I know that was not the only time she's been compromised during her childhood career. People don't realize she's been in the entertainment business since she was 4yrs or younger. I question WHY she's bringing up this "recollection" now & I bet the producer she's talking about is most likely Dino De Laurentiis. He's known to teeter the lines of "script/pervert" & he has known her by way of her family for a long time. I believe he molested her when she was little then years later gave her the "Blue Velvet" role which bolstered the real start of career in my opinion.

    Now…let's see if she goes so far off the rails to discuss all the girls she molested/had sex with/turned out who are now mainstream actresses & directors today. That's when the real piping hot tea will start pouring☕

    • Thank you. She has molested/turned out many young girls in hollywood, so now she is trying to play victim? Unless she trying to say she is a product of her circumstances and cannot be blamed for becoming a molester herself. Problem with that reasoning is that there are lots of people who have gone through similar situations and worse, yet they would not dream of subjecting anyone to what they went through. I think she is an absolutely vile person. Can't stand her. Read somewhere that she made Kristen stewart drink her (foster's) period blood during the filming of panic room.

      • I read that too. The person that wrote that said Jodie and Annie Lebovotiz (that famous photographer- i don't remember the spelling) turned out Miley Cyrus. Jodie's probably about to be exposed for her dirty dealings and shes trying to play the "i am a victim thats why i victimise" card.

    • Fuck all these hints !!!!!!!!!
      Tell the truth and have these f*cks killed !!!!!!!

  2. She f*cked Ryan o Neal at the playboy mansion acirding to Tatum who was molested or raped by a grown man also and her dad and Hugh Hefner laughed

    • No, that was Melanie Griffith (childhood friend of Tatum) who slept with Ryan, not Jodie Foster

  3. Well did she show him or not? We all know that pedophilia is a huge problem in hollywood and it needs to be stopped. However until these celebs actually start naming names, nothing will change. If they do out these hollywood pedophiles, a big group of them should do it. You can't kill a group of em!

    • heres the thing it won't stop you know why? because they love hollywerid lifestyle and they would be killed and these directors have big pockets

  4. Hollywood do more than that, she's a dyke i'm sure she like millions of others were molested repeatedly….both men & women!…..let's see how long she survivesnow with this new bombshell!!!!

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