Chris Brown Stomps on Fan’s Head

chris brown stomps fan head

Chris Brown is back at it again with the uncontrollable rage! The troubled singer was performing in Cannes on May 18 when things got out of hand.

During a scuffle, a man fell to the ground, and Breezy can clearly be seen stomping on the man’s head.

The victim has been identified as Malek Mokrani. He went to the hospital after complaining of neck and head pain, and he plans on filing a police report.

TMZ has the video. Click here.


  1. If this is true then he will have a lawsuit on his hand stupid dumb ass celebrities.

    • Not the celebs fault I've been telling you that for years !!!
      It's his security teams fault I've done a lot of security for major players in the industry and never once had any problems even when we know the celeb has a bad reputation!

  2. Chris is one day gonna get his. This f*ckery can only continue for so long.

  3. When will negroes learn that security detail should be comprised of PROFESSIONALS. Not your homeys, cousins, ex-cell mates, but PROFESSIONALS. Until negroes in the spotlight learn that, stupid ish like this will continue.

    • Anonymouse,

      I'm so glad at least ONE person understands.
      You said it exactly as it is. My comment about Justin Beiber throwing a gift from a fan on ground was along the same lines. People jump the gun when they hear of incidents like this without taking the caliber of security into consideration. Chris usually has a very clean tight security staff for overseas runs. I don't know what the deal was in this situation but you are damn sure right.

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