Toni Braxton Confirms She’s Smashin’ Birdman!

toni braxton birdman


Toni Braxton has finally confirmed rumors that she’s smashin’ Cash Money Records CEO Birdman.

During the singer’s Thursday night show in Atlanta, Birdman made an appearance onstage.

Toni’s backup singers broke out in a medley of “Put some respeck on my name,” poking fun at Birdman’s recent on-air match with Charlamagne of The Breakfast Club.

Toni then called Birdman out on stage and the crowd went wild.

Allegedly, they have been “very close for years,” and they had some low-key hookups, but this was their official debut as boyfriend and girlfriend.

I guess Toni is cool with being a beard.

Peep the video.


  1. PR relationship that old queen has nothing to do with women except in a business manner.

  2. eeeewwwwww… no. things have not gotten this bad have they?
    There are other single men besides a man with a tattoo on is face.
    when do these women learn, leave these MUGLY men alone.
    Ciara – Future… 4 baby mama's
    Janet Jackson – Jermaine Dupri (got a stripper pregnant. that's why they broke up)

    I am sure Babyface has friends he can introduce her to. Dang. #SMH Yuuuuk

    • Janet left a cheaterbjyst to marry a bigamist but hey he's rich so its OK

      Mariah engaged to billionaire

      Ciara engaged to football player who's paid so they did or doing better

  3. Tony is a legend and she really can't do no better than this? Birdman really??? If you're the highest of the high, you should choose a partner of equal standing and prestige.

    • What standing and prestige does she have?

      She is with a man who is keeping his artist broke…just like she got took and had to sell off her songs after filing for bankruptcy…she must be low life trash lying with dogs and when she gets fleas she better not be surprised….smdh.

      • To clarify. Tony HAD prestige. She was amazing through the 90s and even early 2000's, and now she's messing with the lowest of the low. Seriously, what the f*ck is wrong with these women that they have to lie down with these ain't shit niggas? Surely it shouldn't be financial help-or it could be being that many artist are actually.

  4. Toni Is A Damn Fool If She's Tryna Be Like Her Baby Sister Tamar Braxton With Vincent . Like Its Some Kind Of Competition Among The Siblings Smh ??????????????? This Some Sick Ass Shit Right Here ! #Big Bank Plays Little Bank Beard Puppet Mind Control Freak Hoes ?? Now The Bitch Will Never Be Like Whitney, Chaka Khan, Mariah, Janet, Mary J Blidge And A Few Others ?? Lupus Doesn't Fuck With Your Mentality Toni Do Better Hunty ! ????☝?

  5. Damn this gives me hope to smash Halle Berry! Damn Toni you reached an all time low.

  6. Oh yeah! This site keeps up with the pop up ads with the X so damn small that you keep clicking on it trying to get rid of it.

  7. I met Birdman and he is really cool with the ladies
    I can understand y Toni dig him

    • Have you not seen the pics of him on here no less…holding up the 666 booty hole sign in a towel while standing next to some twink asian kid holding up the horns sign in a towel too?

      WAKE UP MONEY!!!!

      • That pic is still on this site. I know because I wanted to show it to someone who didn't believe me when I told them Birdman liked the Hershey Highway.

  8. Sorry you guys…
    Sincerely….I'm not buying into this. Toni has been buddie- buddie with this mud-duck for years. If anything, I'm betting Toni is doing this as a "favor for a favor."

    She's being seen with him & allowing the boyfriend-girlfriend rumor to circulate in an effort to shut down the gay rumors plaguing Birdbrain. In turn he'll most likely help her make a connect for her upcoming project.

    • I think you're right. Especially since that weird "put some respek on my name" bisexual confession. He's trying to make people forget.

    • I was hoping like hell this was a lie or a hoax of some kind.
      Thank you for clearing that up with some reasoning….I was about to forget I like Toni as an artist.
      She seems to be a great big sister too.

  9. She's a beautiful woman who u would think would be with a classy handsome man but it's true can't judge a book by its cover. Bird man tho ewww she went to the bottom of the barrel with this one

    • Everyone forgets that when Whitney was at the top of her Game, she made a public announcement at one of her
      concerts and declared Bobby Brown as her Man and their was a major public out cry that Bobby was not good enough for her and how could she stoop so low. Also, some fans could not believe it was true. Basically, you guys are reacting in the same fashion as when the truth of Whitney and Bobby relationship hit main stream. In short, some times the truth seems stranger than Fiction. Only time will tell. But let us remember Money and Power is an Aphrodisiac. Plus why should she sit home like the rest of us waiting for Mr. Right when she can be wined and dined by someone who can afford to treat her in the manner in which she has been accustomed to. Just Saying…….

      • Bobby was an addict not a homo chasing pedo…there are differences in these situation…she prob is just helping him clear his disgusting lifestyle…but at the end of the day we all know the truth.

        • You got it partially right.
          People make the mistake of swearing Whitney wasn't doing drugs prior to her involvement with Bobby and that just isn't the truth.

          • Did I say she wasn't?

            Then plz do not put words in my mouth…I am addressing the men in the sitch…solely, if you can read.

      • Yeah, but people could tell Whitney had "hood" tendencies.

        Toni was married to a German keyboard player for like forever, and now Respeck.

  10. Birdman has net worth of 110 million and he had a record company and lots of artists on his payroll thatsvwhat Toni sees financial support if you got enough money and fame you get the finest women

    • Lets Face it Beautiful women are a dime a dozen now a days, even in the hood. You can walk down the street
      and see young girls with flat stomachs , size 19 inch waist and bodys that will rival any Playboy Bunny, plus all of it is real with no miles on it. They are young and beautiful and have angelic faces because they haven't been through the ringer or used and abused yet. Imagine what type of competition Toni sees in the entertainment industry, I am sure she is aware that time is ticking away at her opportunities and she better strike while the Iron is hot and be more compromising in her selection process….. I am sure you see my point……Ladies….

      • after lifestyle I meant to say rumors…

        And fyi whitney was financing the relationship with bobby…so if I going to wine n dine myself w my own $$$ I would rather do it w/o some low life in my corner.

  11. for tonu sake i hope she doesn't end up dead cause you know people who deal with him end dead think about it?

  12. I wonder if this re… re… relationship will be addressed on BFV like the Tamar firing scandal? I still say, "eww and yuck".

  13. Gina is absolutely on point in this thread. Toni Braxton likes money….and Birdman has plenty.

    • What human being doesn't?

      Unless you are a monk or some true religious zealot…money is the thing you need to survive….and Gina is not right, it makes more sense she is bearding for this trash bag.

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