Khloe Shows Her Dump Truck Booty & Talks Post-Pregnancy Body Goals

khloe kardashian post baby body

Khloe Kardashian filmed a heavily-filtered video for social media to discuss her post-pregnancy workout and body goals.

Khloe is back in the gym five weeks after having baby True, and says the “muscle memory” is still evident in her stomach. She also says her problem areas are her butt and thigs, and she’s looking forward to getting everything back “solid.”

The delusion is real.


  1. Bitch if you wouldn’t even have a Fake Ass if you hadn’t transferred all the fat from your Brain and Gut to it.

  2. Her butt looks like 2 basketballs sitting on top of toothpicks. Just like Kenya Moore. They need to get their money back

      • Kenya butt is not real, get a grip, it’s paid in full.. Her ass was flat, look back at all her old pictures… You are right it’s hers, she paid for it in full..

        • She ain’t paid for that, yeah she was smaller when she was younger, as you age your body changes as did hers…why you care so much anyway?

          • Someone who knows her from back in the day told me years ago that Kenya bought her booty because it was very flat. She has an old skool bought booty.

          • One never grow an ass, she was flat ass and that’s a paid in full ass.
            Her ass fake, her eyes fake, her nose fake and her breast FAKE….

            • LMAO…unless you are a doctor you don’t know shit about how people’s bodies change.

              She was thin at a younger age and filled out with age.

          • As you age your body does change. Your entire body not just your butt. You naturally can’t have an adolescent waist (age 10) with a grown lady booty (age 35). Lol wtf that looks ridiculous!!!

            • And her entire body has changed…she is much thicker all over than she was in her youth…FYI I’m not talking about khlodzilla.

  3. So this broad posts a stupid photo like this and it is headlined on HSK. WHY? Who cares if she used a surrogate or gave birth. MILLIONS OF WOMEN DO IT EVERYDAY! Be gone with this! DOES ANYONE REALIZE Y E T THAT WE, THE PUBLIC, ARE FED UP with AND TIRED OF THE KKKLAN!

  4. Sooo…

    Basically Khlogre is going back to her Kokaine diet and Dr Nourian Lipo/Kybella treatments

  5. They all shaped funny to me it seems like they hips are stupid wide it just looks weird. Just my opinion though. Have a great day everyone.

  6. Yes the delusion is real. They wouldn’t even have 2 twigs to stand (literely) on if our Black men are didnt hype them up by telling them that mess looks good. Kanye…yes sir I’m talking to you.

    This monstrosity had the nerve to post a peach like she got that butt naturally, really???

    I see that these people must think that we are idiots to belive that they are real. Her legs and waist dont even match the proportions of it. If they are going to try and imitate us at least try to get it right and put some of the fat on their thighs to support it…I mean wow, watching that hurt my retinas.


  7. I have a couple questions that maybe the viewing audience can answer:

    1. Do you think she gave birth or did her surrogate or her sister?

    2. Why are only black people making her famous? I know they only appear to have sex with black men so I am curious as why white men don’t have sex with them. Are they considered N(s) word?

  8. I have a couple questions that maybe the viewing audience can answer:

    1. Do you think she gave birth or did her surrogate?

    2. I know they only appear to be with BM so I am curious as why WM don’t/won’t ‘date’ them. Are they considered wigg(l)ers?

  9. Khloe has always been unattractive. A white man wouldn’t touch her Sasquatch ass. It’s too bad she felt such pressure to change herself because she went from a hot mess to a completely hot mess.

  10. The Kardashians are not important and never will be important… They are people, but they’re not important

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