Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Is Pregnant

shayanna jenkins pregnant

Shayanna Jenkins, disgraced NFL player Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée and baby mama, has a new baby on the way. Shayanna announced the news via her Instagram account.

“Many of you have had speculated that I may be expecting another miracle which is very accurate. I wanted to have a moment for myself alone with my daughter … we are beyond excited about the new addition and chapter we will soon begin.”

The news comes after Aaron committed suicide back in April 2017. Shayanna hasn’t revealed who the daddy is, but she did confirm that she’s having a baby girl.

shayanna jenkins aaron hernandez pregnant


      • If the entire story were a hoax that would mean she was NOT his fiance and they don’t have a child…which they do. If she wasn’t shit to him, he def would have said so.

        Everything on youtube is NOT the TRUTH…you need to have some discernment.

        • People in real relationships don’t photoshop photos. You have never seen one third party picture of them together on a friends social media site for instance. You should have some discerment, the platform does not invalidate the facts presented on them, facts you have not rebuffed. You Tube is not all truth, But at least these indipendant reporters have not faked scud missile attacks in Israel, have CIA intern and elite family member Anderson (Vanderbilt) Cooper or had Fort Bragg Military Psyops team embedded in them since the early 2000s like CNN. The NFL is entertainment, NOT a sport as decreed by JFK.

          • You are an Idiot, who gives a Fuck about some photos…that does NOT mean they weren’t a couple, Dummy.

            Learn some reading comprehension while you get some discernment.

    • Men bounce back within a week or maybe month and no one bats an eye.

      Besides he was in prison longer than a year, so I am sure she was not lonely during his stint.

    • She has totally been humiliated after his death with him being exposed as fuckin with men and having a boyfriend, so its like she need to move the fuck on now.

      • Exactly!!! What does she have to wait for? He’s not rising from grave and if he were I doubt if she would be able to tolerate knowing he was into men.

  1. and we should care why? Is she spouting celebrity status now that she has a few stacks? damn!

  2. Probably Aaron’s baby….Aaron sounded like such a good and bad guy all in one..

    • Lemme guess

      You kicked it with Aaron and nem at the Grove too? Did i get that right Jan?

      • Nope never even knew who he was until case he caught. I have kicked it with a lot of celebs but he ain’t one of them.

      • Just by listening to the case, I can understand why he killed those guys. Even though I don’t agree with killing anyone. It’s really heartbreaking when you think someone has your back, so you have there’s and they turn out to be stabbing you in the back. Those guys sounded like users and that’s why Aaron probably snapped.

      • I don’t know it seems it maybe his but, hopefully not. Maybe that’s why he killed himself maybe she told him she moved on. Who knows. These people need to post all the business if they gone be posting they business. Lol or maybe she waiting on paid interviews to release that info. Who knows.

          • @LovelyLady
            Didn’t yo comfortable spoiled ass say that you would kill your husband if he ever was to leave you?

            It’s all bible verses and proverbs now that your simp husband is in a position to take care of your stank ass. Now u can write pamphlets on here all day about all the thugs and celes u used to know(and adore).

            If your husband was to move on u wouldn’t be so gracious….you’d tie a blue badanna around yo head and get da homies fo a drive by. And you’d know exactly what block to go to.

            Lovelylady: fakest lady on here.

  3. So Shayana Jenkins the baby momma of a homosexual murderer is a celebrity now? Ok.

  4. Yes, she should move on with her life. But it is a lil too soon to be having kids after going through so much drama & trama. I hope everything works out for the Thug Misses.

    • How is four years too soon?

      That Fool was in prison for more than a minute.

      Maybe you need a decade, but obviously she doesn’t.

      • @Anonymous 11:45 He died last April… and Thug Misses claimed to be his fiancée well after that. Look up her interviews on Dr. Phill and so on. She is also, suing the NFL as his fiancée. So is she with him or not?! Either way IDGAF!!! I’m just exercising my right to comment on a public matter.

        • Try learning how to read and try again…he was in prison for 4 years idiot….so she had every right to move on with her life.

          • What does him being in prison 4yrs have to do with her still claiming to be his fiancée when he died last April?? Let me break it down for you, that means she still claimed to be in a relationship with him when he committed suicide and well after that she kept “Fiancée” as her title.

            **Learn how to disagree without being disrespectful!! Everyone on this site is here for kicks and giggles. So why are you so mad?! LOL

            • And people in so-called relationships don’t cheat…especially when one has already received a life sentence? FOH.

              Calling you what you are does not make me mad..idiot.

              • FYI I am calling you an idiot because you really have to be one to believe this woman was staying with him after his sentence to life in prison.

    • Prove it was a hoax. Now, I will admit, once the second trial started and he was found not guilty, then the suicide, then the gay stuff – it did get me thinking! Then how he killed himself and how he was able to do it was weird. If you can’t explain it, you can’t claim it.

      • Tony, two photos of them together are PROVEN hoaxes. But if you can show one third party picture, like on a friends social media, a CCTV from a store, her and him leaving the stadium hand in hand, him having a pic with a fan with her in the video, you know like Tom and Giselle, I will admit it 100% genuine, in a “sport” that is 100% fake.

        • The cap on his head in the above Photo, I’m 99% sure it and she a photoshopped in. She is too large, and a cap with no Logo? Where do you get those from?

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