Khloe Is Pressed About This Paparazzi Pic


    khloe kardashian fake butt

    After paparazzi snapped this picture of Khloe at the airport in all her juicy cake glory, the reality star is now asking for photographers to show some respect and respect her boundaries.

    khloe kardashian paparazzi

    Isn’t she the one who calls the paps tho?

    khloe kardashian paparazzi fakebutt


    1. You and your family do anything and everything possible to get publicity and then you complain??? Disappear…do that and your problems will be solved. Not likely to happen but here’s to putting it out into the universe…

      • She cannot stay in L.A. for fear of Trisdumb cheating on her and was papped coming back from seeing that dead beat dad & NBA Championship loser & Cavs liability.

        And on the subject of disappearing, funny how, Kylie and her bogus pregnancy had managed to do just that which shows these thirsty hoes have them on speed dial.

    2. The other pregger one is keeping out of sight…pretty sure your fake ass could do the same.

      I wonder where she is going to put all that new fat, because that deformed fake ass can’t handle another fat transfers.

    3. For real??!! This is what she really looks like without filters and photo s(c)hopping??!! dam!!!!
      If she’s really pregnant she is in for a very insecure time if this is how it is starting out!!!

      • That dumb negro and his UncleTomCooneryFoolery even to the detriment of his court performance. Cavs supporters are wanting his sorry ass traded… fast!

    4. She will continue to stay pressed because not only can she not khlotoshop these hideous images to death as usual; thereby debunking her heavily airbrushed and filtered social media pictures; but her fake prosthetic bump tells a very different story whenever it’s going thru lax airport departures… only to re-inflate when back at arrivals – no doubt probably strapped it on in the rest room as soon as she landed, knowing the paps would be there.


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