Khloe Confirms Kanye Ain’t Blowin’ Kim’s Back Out

kim kanye khloe vibrator

Kim Kardashian shared the Mother’s Day present she received from her sister, Khloe, and it’s all the confirmation we need that Kanye ain’t hittin’ that thang right!

Click play on the Insta video to see the BBC Kim was gifted, along with a card that reads: “Sometimes moms just have to take things into their own hands”


  1. Kanye on them.mefs that keep.his dick from getting hard

    Prozac kills the sex drive

  2. Maybe she can get that chinese-korean who was fuckin kyliee to smash her guts out too since they all fuckin the help, ‘allegedly’.

  3. Shit, Kanye Will Need A Bulldozer & A Jack Hammer 2 Blow Her Hollow, Contaminated Sinkhole Out.

    #Good Luck With That Mr. Bojangles!!!

  4. One Stupid Bitch trying to pull rank on another Stupid Bitch…smfh.

    Both of you are getting exactly what you deserve, so busy trying to trap someone with build-a-rat bodies…you forgot to remember there is more to a relationship than the physical.

  5. I guess she’ll be eating a bag of dicks, AS USUAL. Except these won’t taste like cheetos. lol

  6. Why would Khloé put her sisters sex life out there as if kanye can hit it right Kim has no walls at all them corners is the world cares if kanye not hitting it right apparently something tells me she had her sex toy for a decade cause from the look of that sex tape with ray j ray j had a small one I didn’t see what was the hype about really.

  7. God y’all are dumb. Do you not understand that for a price a woman can have her entire vagina, from the vulva to the uterus rebuilt to look and feel like a 16 year old’s?

    You really think that a woman who is half a billionaire who has had her entire body reshaped and molded is walking around with a loose cooter?

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