Amber Rose Pours Her Heart Out to 21 Savage, He Gives a Savage Response

amber rose 21 savage

Amber Rose took to her Instagram to write a public love letter to her ex-boyfriend, rapper 21 Savage.

21 responded in an Instagram post of his own that had the savage caption: “you cross me once it’s f*#% you for life”

amber rose 21 savage breakup

Dang. Did Amber f**k his daddy or something?

She has since deleted her post.


  1. She lied and said she was half black and then sucked up real black women’s resources from their men. Boy has white supremacy done a number on the black mind.

    The black community =Dead people walking and self hate.

    • Her mama is clearly black. And what does that have to do with anything? If white people want to be black, who cares? Why is this such an issue anyway?

      • Lovely lady I take it the unattractive black women you speak of are our ancestors or black women with pure black features??
        If trash like you and praising whiteness and giving them black pass cards you’re praising their features and equating black women that have their features to the pretty black things. Dumb ho.

        • The girl is pretty. Black or not. Y’all some haters. I ain’t giving out nothing cause I don’t own it. I don’t see what you stressing over the girl race for. She did not choose to be mixed, she was born and came here that way, not by choice. and she choose her black side. Her Mother is mixed with black.

  2. It’s obvious what she’s doing, but more important is why folk are into her.

    She’s in fact mixed, but she’s white for all intents and purposes.

    Why would you as a black man or woman want to be with those people? It makes no sense.

    Like really, stop and think.

    • The only type of Black woman worried about mixed or white girl are those who can’t compete. Black woman who are actually pretty could give two flying f—ks about any other female, mixed, white, whatever. Who cares what she is. This has nothing to do with the story. Lol

      • I bet that the unattractive black women you speak of are like our ancestors or black women with pure black features!!
        If trash like you aren’t praising whiteness and giving them black pass cards you’re praising their features and equating black women that have their features to the pretty black things. Dumb bish.

      • I’ll help you out since my point went over your head.

        I think black folk need to have more respect for themselves, and not be with a group of people that’s not hot and that wants their people to suffer.

      • It seems like her mother is 1/2 black and her father is a fake white (southern Euro). She’s like 1/4 black.

  3. You dont see Rihanna, Megan Good, Gabrielle Union, ay day curry, Beyoncé, Tiki Sumpter, Sana Laythan, Yaya Dacasta, Tyra Banks or Lauren London phased by no other race female. So why are you??? The only reason I would think is cause you can’t compete. Pretty is pretty and ugly is ugly, being white, mixed, black or exotic ain’t gone make a bit of a difference. These woman make it in Hollywood cause they pretty and people want to look at them. Not because they pretend to be black. So knock if off. Amber rose is solely here because she’s pretty and a hoe.

      • What are black folk features? Lol you act like anyone of us choose the way we look unless you getting plastic surgery. Who is a real black woman if none of them are? You don’t know what the first black woman looked like, you know what Nigerians look like. The Bible mentions Ethiopians more than anything, not Nigerians. So how you know Ethiopians aren’t the first black people? And Ethiopians mostly look mixed. Soooo don’t get mad at them because they don’t look like what you consider black. Those woman are all African descent, what you getting mad at them for not having a big nose is crazy to me. All Africans ain’t got big noses or big lips, Only in parts of Africa (Kenya/nigeria) the people look like that but the majority of Africans have soft beautiful skin with a hair full of protein (shiny, curly)… so knock it off. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. I’m really dumb in real like but I’m still smarter than you because I know all Africans don’t look Nigerian or Kenyan Which is what you’re talking about.

    • Sleeping with people that openly want to destroy your people is not normal or acceptable.

      It’s like a woman staying with an abusive man.

      • Or you’re just not pretty enough to compete with Amber Rose is the real problem. If you were cute, you would not be worrying who nigga she sleeping with if it ain’t yours.

      • And I know you really gone blow a fuse on this one. But personally I think mixed raced people usually do have a beauty about them different than any other pure race. Including European, African, Spanish and Asian. So how you know God ain’t trying to make a point. I know that sound crazy but clearly pmore eople of a mixed race have better skin and hair than more pure races. How you know Jesus wasnt mixed. As a matter a fact, I’m pretty sure he was. I don’t believe he was black or white but I believe he was mixed. And if you go through the genealogy you will see I did not just concoct that up. You need to get off this Wakanda kick. Sto hating oeople because the ain’t Got a big nose and lips. God created us all different for a reason.

  4. She probably escorted/focked someone else when they were together and he found out it and dumped that azz.

  5. Lovelylady@1258 I think he did care for her…..that’s why he texted what he texted…….he probably is hurt…..I don’t claim to know what went down but he hurt and probably calls himself moving on…….

  6. She is not blk no one hating on amber rose if I was to hate I will hate on opera Winfrey are michelle Obama it want be her.yes blk people need to quit giving passes to non blacks they turn around and disown you she can’t get play from the Italian’s so she come to blk people for a pass to praise her beauty nothing is beautiful about bouncing off of one rapper dick to the next and then the next you all praising her for it well some people but let that had of been a fully blk woman she would have been called a hoodrat hoe trash bag and everything under the sun pleez no matter what color are how they look if u got hoe tendencies than wear your label and that’s how some people view her why it has to be a rapper all the time why it can’t be a regular guy why cause she’s a gold-digger if no one can’t see that then they are blind as hell look at her track record she is worser than Evelyn off of bbw dating every sport it is.yes amber is pretty but u cant say women are hating cause they don’t praise her I dont I don’t see anything to praise for what.

    • STFU Nicole, stupid azz. Always blaming the woman, like the rapper’s dicks ain’t community cock. SMFH, you one of them dumb bytches that will let they son run his di$k through every bytch on the block, but got your daughter upstairs cooking and cleaning your man’s and your son’s draws.

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