Taraji P. Henson Gets Engaged

taraji p henson engaged kelvin hayden

Taraji P. Henson announced on her Instagram that she’s officially engaged to former NFL player, Kelvin Hayden. She announced their relationship in December 2017, and pretty soon, they’ll be jumping the broom!

The caption on her Instagram announcement reads:

“I said yes y’all!!! He started with the Cartier love bracelet BUT that was my #Mothersday gift and then he dropped to his knee and I almost passed out!!! ?????#sheisofficiallyoffthemarket and she is sooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!”




  1. She’s 47. He is 34. In a short time he will get itchy to move on and she seems desperate. Wait for the stories on her struggles to conceive. Today it does not matter, in a few years it will matter to him.

    • There are many ways to have children now a days and they have the $$ to do it however they choose…so chill with the negativity and let them be.

      If he wanted a 20 or 30 something year old he would have gotten one…shit he may already have a couple of them on standby.

    • Agreed. Only if he already has kids do they have a chance of lasting more than 7 years….

      • Yeah they do if you really look…they say that he’s really not that into her.

        Sorry, not sorry…

        • And there are pictures that show people happy one day and they commit suicide the next.

          So you never really know what is going on…same reason why people say art is subjective.

          • Welp we are all intitled to our opinions and I’m standing on mine. Body language speaks volumes…

              • Lol, I give up but not really.

                Thats why her cougar claw is clutching his hand not the other way around ?

            • If his hand was on top of hers you would not be able to see the ring…sadly common sense is not common.

            • They are sitting next to each other…how the fuck is he going to be able to replicate that picture?

              Yet like I already said pics are subjective, even when there is nothing to read…so whatever.

              Reading nothing into nothing….smfh.

              • Why are you getting so upset??? LET me read nothing into nothing then. LIKE I said he could have held her hand in his to show off the ring. The picture was just a suggestion to show WHAT I meant…

                It’s not that serious, why are you trying to make it that way? I dont have to agree with you nor do you have to agree with me.

                I see what I see and you see what you see which is subjective. Anything subjective is subject to interpitation by personal feelings or opionions while looking at them objectively
                is not influenced by emotions but by facts.

                Since neither one of us were there personally we are both looking at the pics subjectively and we dont know for a FACT that they are even really engaged, it could all be a PR stunt.

                So good day to you, its b÷n REAL…

            • I am not the one making nothing into something.

              Stop writing paragraphs about nothing it is a waste of time & energy, but I guess you have nothing better to do than talk about nothing.

              • Funny how someone saying a couple of words makes you feel like you have to go on and on and on about nothing…

              • So now you think you have the power to tell me what to do?

                I thought I was replying to an article on a gossip site and if I want to waste time writing paragraphs why do you care, scroll past them. Better yet why even respond to them.

                But your so clever, I’ll let you figure that one out on your own…

              • Its always the true colors and base nature that comes out in the end huh?

                So predictable, its sad actually…

            • This is why you fall into the Dumb Bitch category, you do know you are anon too right?

              • Which makes you a coward as well…

                As I said already Stupid begets Stupid…smfh.

              • Dont know why you cant see my name but I’m not anonymous on here and I dont have anything to hide. But you do dont you coward???

              • You are no one having a handle does not change that Dummy…

                The Coward is you for having to talk shit about women who could give a Fuck about you.

              • Yes, you have proven that to everyone. Give yourself a round of applause!

                Beautifully done…

    • The body language says to me he’s half in half out. He is not completely committed. He’s not completely protective of his partner. With the right arm deliberately not touching his fiances hands almost in defiance. In this picture his partner took time to completely wrap their arms around him and nuzzle their head in the crook of his neck. Saying your all mine and trying to be heart to heart. I saw another picture where his entire body is turned away as Taraji holds him. Feet, groin placement in males will say I want you or the opposite. Look at Tristan Thompson in pics with his latest childs mother. Always one foot out! Not committed and wants out.

  2. In the darkness if Tariji P Henson cut on a flashlight underneath her chin i would probably shit myself.

  3. I love Taraji but I don’t see this relationship last. She is eyeing 50 and he is not yet 35. Their bodies and minds will soon hit very differing milestones….let us pray.

  4. I heard and read that Kelvin Hayden has a female best friend that often travel with Taraji/Kelvin. Three’ s a crowd. Her name on Instagram @ms_nicole_j and on Facebook Nicole Min
    This female best friend is a ride and die type of chick . She’s a traveling elbows trainer. Also a side secret side chick to Kelvin Hayden. I believe this dude and side chick is going to milk Taraji P.Henson money . He’s on 35 by 40 he will divorce Taraji . Taraji will be working forever in alimony/ child support . Kelvin Hayden has several children by different women.

  5. A black woman engaged to a black man! HOORAY! Black on black love is amazing! Protect the melanin! Way to go Taraji.

    P.S. Taraji’s performance in Acrimony was spectacular!

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