Khloe Spent Her First Mother’s Day Alone

khloe kardashian mothers day

Khloe Kardashian has been dying to be a baby mama just like her sisters, but since giving birth to her daughter, True, her life has been turned upside down. Page Six is reporting that after the cheating scandal involving her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, Khloe has decided to remain in Cleveland, but she wound up spending Mother’s Day alone.

“While Khloé Kardashian celebrated her first Mother’s Day in Cleveland on Sunday, her baller baby-daddy Tristan Thompson was spotted out on the town with teammate Jordan Clarkson in Boston. Thompson and Clarkson dined at Empire Restaurant with a crew, who we’re told, ‘was very polite.'”

Tristian didn’t give Khloe a Mother’s Day shout out on Instagram and she didn’t brag about him showering her with gifts either. His team was in Boston for the playoffs, but they didn’t play on Mother’s Day.

Oh well, at least their baby is cute…


  1. They are so fucking wierd. The baby is so beautiful tho Tristan did do a good job at least at that. ??‍♀️

  2. Are those freckles?? She’s so pretty look at those CHEEEEEEKS!!!! He does make cute kids.

      • Dissing children now?!

        Don’t be mad because you resembled a gremlin after being born in the prison infirmary.

        • @Anonymous

          And yo fat ass should know better. You are a woman. A very big woman but there’s a vagina there somewhere in the wilderness of your saturated FAT. U have to bed sensitive to SOMETHING hoodrat.

  3. I don’t believe Khloe carried that baby but she’s adorable. The baby has Tristan’s complexion. Jordan Craig’s baby Prince Oliver favors Jordan. I wonder if Khloe allow baby True to be part of her brother Prince’s life.

    • She has his everything …Thankfully no khlo-wildebeest features…well except the hairline or is that lebron’s?

      • Not even a little bit…that man is not her father.

        If you have seen the pic of her next to kris’s hairdresser you know the deal.

  4. First off we don’t know if this child is cute or not, so lets not say that. Who uses snap filters on a new born. Either way, Jordyn spent her mothers day alone because Ho-ey was with her man. No sympathy here.

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