Keyshia Cole’s Ex Wants Spousal Support & Full Custody of Their Son

keyshia cole daniel gibson spousal support

Just when we thought these two were going to have a cordial divorce SMH.

Keyshia Cole finally filed for divorce after getting married in 2011, and her ex-husband, Daniel “Booby” Gibson is asking for full custody of their 7-year-old son AND spousal support!

They’ve been separated since 2014, and Keyshia didn’t request any spousal support in her petition, and she also asked for joint legal and physical custody of their son.

Things about to get messy!


  1. His net worth is $11 million here is $9.5 million if there’s documents of her paying for the majority if not all things during the marriage and cohabitation then yep she’s going to pay up! I wonder if he’ll use all her family drama and reality shows as proof why he should have full custody.

    • @anon8:48, please clarify…if he makes more money, why would she pay him spousal support?

      • Unfortunately despite his net worth of she spent more money on the home and their lifestyle than he did. And he has proof she most likely will be paying spousal support. Also based on her contract if per album and the lack of a prenup. She has better earning potential and if she paid majority during and “spoiled” him he’ll get something.

        • She should retire then, let’s see him trying to live off of that. It’s what I would do. Why work and see my money go to him. And of course he will try to justify it by demanding primary physical custody. lol. He want Floyd money.

  2. He’s doing this in anticipation of her getting with a man who is nearly a billionaire. This is why if you have significant money, you avoid people with kids. The partner left behind will feel entitled to your earnings so Floyd may want to re-think. Gibson’s net worth is $11M, hers $9.5M. He is on the wrong side of the equation for spousal and child support and his request makes him look petty and not too bright. His is a typical attempt to trying to deprive the other parent of custody rights. He is already worry richer Floyd will replace him as dad.

  3. Clearly the Net Worth is not accurate or he would not need her money. I cant understand men that make this move, how do they still feel like a man afterwards? Taking money from the Mother of you som/ex Wife, whom he should actually be taking care of. Man on Man, she cant talk about Neffies man no more, atleast he work or tried to.

    • Probably a house and cars and hopefully some investment he didn’t touch, but since he hasn’t played in years, he’s probably blown thru the money. When they have his and hers, who is using whose money for their lifestyle. So with 20 millions together, at least in paper, who used whose’s money in that marriage. A bit off topic but reminds me of Lamar and Khloe. He probably used his money to feed and dress that woman and then some while watching his stacks disappear. They divorce, she still has her money intact, his gone down so foolishly. And now she preggos and what does she do??? Extract a new home for herself. When they split up, she will demand it along with child support. Like I said, fools.

  4. This. willl change and he wii ask( for full custoody and child support, possibly even palimony.

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