Porsha Williams Booted from RHOA Cast Trip After Alltercation

porsha williams margo fight

Porsha Williams joined the rest of the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta for a trip, but she was reportedly sent home earlier after getting into an altercation with Marlo Hampton.

Sources say the castmates got into a heated argument. Porsha was later sent home after she picked up an object and pointed it in Marlo’s face.

Porsha’s already trying to do damage control by posting this message on Instagram.


What happened to anger management?


  1. I want to support this (sister) woman sooooo bad… however i can no longer keep my rose colored glasses on… she is caught up in the system that has black women taking themselves way too seriously (i. e. slut walk) and in the end, some way some how, they always end up broke, broken, and for sale…

  2. Off topic, I think that Porsha and Kenya are two very pretty Black women but what the hell is up with these Lady Elaine Fairchilde eybrows, excessive blush/highlighter on the cheeks, nose and lips look everyone seems to be sporting lately???

    Dude, man??? (pun intended) People need to stop “beating” their faces and be satisfied with a light slap…. -_-

    • Both pretty, both clownish with the make-up. But it’s all these women on social media, not just them. Put them side by side, all the same. I bet they would look scary in real person.

      • lol, you made me think about Pennywise the clown from the movie “It”. I turned it off after he snatched that baby’s arm O_o! But yeah, they look scary on pics couldn’t imagine them in person.

        • IT from the book is supposed to be scary but this movie was a serious dud. It doesn’t matter it made money. I was bored to tears.

          • I read the book (ole Stephen King fan and It scared the shit out of me) too and saw the made for TV series which I thought was garbage but the opening scene from the new movie where he talks to the boy from in the sewer really reminded me of the book so I didn’t want to watch it all.

            Most of his ones that are made into movies usually don’t do the books justice but Um gonna build up my courage and try to watch in all the way though and let you guys know what I think, lol.

    • You are right….I’m a makeup artist and I’m tired of this liquid plastic surgery trend…who wants to look like that all the time..women are doing way to much these days.

      • You know what’s really sad? Funky Dineva from the Kordell article looks better than both of them. Haaa Haa ha, I mean whatever kind of make up he has on has him looking so natural like he’s positively glowing! LMBO!

        Got me wanting to ask Nessa Gurl did she beat his face for that shoot?

        • Shim got his Piiiiiiiiiiiik lipstick oooooon! (in my best Funky Dineva sanging voice)

  3. Her eyebrows are trying too hard. You can see her al brows underneath the stenciled ones.

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