Kordell Stewart Sues Blogger Funky Dineva

kordell stewart funky dineva

After the video of former NFL player Kordell Stewart showing his cheeks and package was leaked, he initially blamed his ex-wife, Porsha Williams, for leaking the video.

But now, Kordell is going after gossip blogger, Funky Dineva, who posted the video online. Dineva said the video was given to him by Kordell’s male lover.

Kordell is suing for defamation and is seeking unspecified damages.


  1. I was just thinking about shim the other day, (used to visit his site) I knew he always had the goods on Kordell’s sneaky butt. Whats done in the dark….(snickers quietly)

    Oh what a dumb dumb chicken little….don’t you know they (side pieces) always kiss and tell, lol.

  2. Dineva is part of the matrix now u heard hes got a show coming out we have yet to see it but hes been absent lately so the timing is interesting

    • Why ask, if it does not matter?

      As if you did not know everything done in the dark comes to the light, point being if he were honest he would not have to worry about being outed.

  3. I don’t get why he is doing it now. Everyone has been formed their opinion about his sexuality and I highly doubt anyone cares for real. It isn’t about being gay or bi it is the lying and pretending to be hetero that is the hot topic but once we diget the headline everyone moves on to the next one. I always thought he was a little funny from his time on RHOA. Never saw the tape but didn’t need to. It’s not like he was accused of rape, incest, abuse, murder, thievery, etc. He must be really bored and think this will salvage his reputation. Sometimes it is better to just let stuff die off and keep doing you. No one was worried about him but now more things may come out, particularly from alleged partners of his. Not the smartest move. Does sound like a petty queen move, however…

  4. What secret?! That’s why he got dropped by l the Steelers.. I thought everybody knew? He was getting his back dug out in the public park. He did if to himself…LMAO

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