Kenya Moore’s Millionaire Already a Taken Man

Kenya Moore Married Man

Vivica Fox jumped on social media to call Kenya Moore a “Toxic Trick.” Know why? Because, Kenya Moore recently appeared on the television show Millionaire Matchmaker, with a man just days away from his planned marriage to another woman.

Here’s Vivica Fox’s 2-cents:

“Well dayummnn # Toxic Trick Kenya Moore strikes again! The guy she said was her new guy is actually married?”


  1. there is nothing like getting dicked out by a married man!!
    the sex is off the chains, guilty free sex that’s what We need in this world!

    • I know you are joking!!! SMDH
      If you care anything about yourself, the only thing a married man is good to me is, hello and goodbye.. I hope you know, morals means the world to me, the man upstairs see all, but cheating
      is never ever good.. Check your values and morals, something is missing.. What if he was your husband cheating on YOU.. Those corns will be hurting…..

  2. Well damn Kenya!
    Let us all guess…you messed around & got hooked up with a married dude
    but “you STILL fabulous,” right Boo?
    We think not but sorry for your loss…on both counts!

  3. This is what happens when you’re conceited as hell! Kenya to busy being in love with her self to allow room for someone else. She knew this dude was married, she just got so tired of people judging her for being alone that she thought she could silence everyone by setting up this PR stunt. Honestly, I don’t think Kenya wants a man. All she wants is a full length mirror.

    • And she can do that. She’s f*cking beautiful man ! Besides that why do we females act as if life centers around a dude !!

  4. I think this is all a publicity stunt because all the celebs that go on Patti Stingers show never find true love. It’s all for tv and if Patti is such an expert why isn’t she married? I guess Kenya was looking for another storyline since there’s no Apollo.

  5. The deep seeded insecurity within this man is unbelievable. He lacks the confidence to be with Kenya. It’s apparent by his decision to marry this unattractive broad after 3 months. That’s just not enough time to get to know someone and she’s out of he’s league. Sometime attractive women tend to scare men away. He’s already lied to this woman concerning the show he appeared in. Kenya may have her ways but she’s beautiful with a strong personality, something his weak mind couldn’t handle.

    • According to Wendy today, the man has been with his now wife for a long time. They were engaged with a ring, but he wanted to go on MM for the “TV exposure” and his fiance said “Okay, just don’t fall in love.” I’m not stanning for Kenya, but I believe that she was a victim of some real shady shit here.

      If you were 44 and never married, and someone set you up with a black man who graduated from Princeton, would you demand a background check? Honestly?

      I feel bad for her.

      • Yes I would ask for my own personal background check.. That show is a fraud and so is Kenya…. Beauty on the outside, but she UGLY inside..she’s all plastic, from her nose, breast and her ass is fake.. IJS

      • LMAO you people are really cracking me up…no need to feel sorry for Kenya that show matchmaker is a scripted show just like RHOA , chances are if Kenya is dating someone you may never know because all the social media stuff is to PROMOTE something….all of the people on these reality shows have done some small acting ….they are PAID actress and week after week black people tune in and get emotional OVER NOTHING ..because none of it is real


  6. What kind of backround screening does that show do? And why after just meeting someone are you expected to automatically be in a relationship? Doesn’t work like that in real life.I think the whole thing was a ploy.And Vivica Fox you’re better then that! Kenya needs to find a new storyline because this one is getting old really fast!

  7. Why was this man on the show, surely he knew of his up coming planned nuptials. Anyway, no one wants a broke woman, gots to be working with something.

    • Exactly I believe Vivica’s just hating ‘ cause she’s not aging as well as Kenya. Vivica still in love with 50 cent after he dogged her as so badly. She should just sit down somewhere because she’s damn near 60 yrs old and still by her damn self!!!

  8. Who cares anymore. Recycled broads. Recycled stories. Recycled lies. Whose reality is it? Ours or theirs?

  9. My beautiful sistas, please do not look up to Kenya Moore as a role model. Please do not watch Kenya Moore for entertainment purposes; just ignore her! If you have daughters, please do what is necessary to make sure your daughers do not grow up to be a lying, backstabbing, attention whore like Kenya Moore. We need more little black girls to become the next Mellody Hobson, Marilyn Mosby or Dr. Michelle Alexander. Bitches like Kenya Moore are toxic to the black race. Kenya Moore along with her friend Claudia Jordan are pieces of trash that need to be thrown in the dumpster.

    • I get your point, but there are all kinds of women, black AND white, who are not good role models for young girls. But there is a place for the women in the entertainment industry…but not as someone for your child to idolize and model themselves after. I think it’s somewhat unfair to act like Kenya is the wanton woman Jezebel while there are literally tens of dozens of white chicks in show biz who are just as slutty and ho-ish if not more so.
      The bottom line is, you as a woman and mother are the best role model for your daughters. If they see decency and good morals at home, they will know that the Kendalls and Kylies of the world are not who they should look up to.

      • lol Exactly this woman is just a NON KENYA fan most likely a NeNe freak…she only called out Kenya and Claudia as if they were the worst stain on the black youth and ignored all the other RHOA actress , the whole cast is not a good fit for black girls

        I am still LMAO at her trying to use some pro black logic behind her hate of Kenya

    • LMAO you know you are full of Bleep because you singled out only 2 toxic woman when every woman on every reality show is toxic to the black race YET you pick the 2 you dislike on the RHOA, chile please stop acting like you care about the development of black girls , if so you would be advocating for ALL reality show black woman to get of the air…I just cant with the obvious fakes

      • Exactly! She on some Oprah, Maya Angelou shyt. Chile pleeze! There’s plenty out there way worse than Kenya. People just hate on her cuz she’s pretty.

        • Haha..That sister batshit crazy, super delusional…I love some chocolate sisters, but you couldn’t pay me a mill to f*ck with that lying ass broad..

          • I think its safe to say YOU WOULD NEVER be put in a situation where you could … keep typing about it …NEXT

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