The Reason Ashanti Only Rocks Women Revealed

Ashanti Ladies Only

Word from inside the industry reveals Ashanti to be “only dating women.” The former first lady of Murder Inc. is reported to be “traumatized” by her trip to Nellyville and “empty” over all the threesomes she and Nelly shared … and confused by the ‘Country Grammar’ that seems to have caused their love to be lost in translation.

Here’s what friends of Ashanti are saying:

“They smashed so many women together that they split. Now, Ashanti continues to rock with women.

She dates gay dudes … but she don’t sleep with them. She’s all about her ladies.”


  1. now Nelly is dating Floyd’s ex pee-on, some weak looking bytch!!

    what We need in this world is a stronger respectable Black Women, but instead We have weak looking toasties phucking up things!!

    (Black Men is Your fault, stop dicking out weak non Black Women)

    • No excuses ! I don’t care how many 3somes I have I will never ever ever want some dudes dick In my butt !!! FOH. !!!!! Real men don’t pull 3somes with dudes coz ITs nasty what real man wants too look at see or be close enough to cross swords gay dudes closeted dudes ! For some reason women Don’t ever have a problem looking at other women touching other kissing other like y’all got some free gay pass !!! Men don’t have that shit real men don’t !!

      • Just to remind you, if you meet a straight person your first waking thought isn’t going to be ‘ how does this person have sex’. So why do you act like a hysterical bitchy diva assuming that a gay person is all about walking buttsex? Last time I checked, gay folks had hopes and fears, washed their linen, worked their jobs and went to the shops like the rest of us. Lots of gay men don’t actually have buttsex and lots of straight people do. So what? Whatever floats your boat. You’re not being asked to participate so stop acting like a freak over it.

        • IN CAPS SHUT THE FUCK UP !!! Gay ppl don’t have butt sex wow ur a complete and total IDIOT !!!
          Why do u trolls jump on dicks with out fully understanding shit ! Actually you seem too have a lot of input on being gay ! Can one assume you’re coming out the closet ? Dick rider case dismissed !FOH

        • Err get my DICK out of your mouth ! Don’t ever try trolling me again ! You wanna come out the closet do it on your own time not mines!!
          Washing linen GTFOH !! Gay ass thugger !

  2. Seems to be all the rage right now – lesbianism. It’s not for me though, I’ll stick to paynus please.

      • Absolutely not true, well from my experience bcuz I did experiment when I was younger, men always got me off not women. Like Scorpiess I prefer paynus anyday

        • Never had the pleasure myself but I suspect that men do it better. Just a feeling.

          • No it’s more mental w/women getting off then men. My husband swears for guys it’s like ‘press this button’ but women it’s the whole experience. So if you aren’t attracted to other women they might be able to make you come but it will “feel better” w/a man you’re attracted to, gives you Hot Sexy Thoughts. Unless he really can’t do it or uses teeth in there.

        • men do it better. the energy is TOTALLY different. the other side is when they sneak up, pin u down with their muscles, raw f*ck u, then u have to go through a terrible mini labor after taking ANOTHER plan b pill f*ckin up your damn reproductive system some more, and trying to ruin your college plans!!!!!

          i personally think lesbianism is all about saving money and keeping focus. lol

  3. I’m not really aware of the in and outs pertaining to homosexuality, but I’ve noticed a pattern with heterosexual women engaging in threesomes as a way to keep their man interested in them, thus dulling their desire to cheat, getting turned out. Its interesting that these threesomes never include another MAN as the third party, just a woman. If Ashanti is now a lesbian, I hope she embraces it and wont be out here living some DL lifestyle. I’d still buy her music as I have in the past…..judging by her album sales, it might just be me tho.

  4. That’s what happens when you open the door to those kinds of things. Confusion. If my man wants three, he can no longer see me. Bye-bye baby. lol

    • glad i learned this in my early early days [sounds so f*cked up lo]…yes the more u do to make a man feel powerful, the more he will feel encouraged to strong-arm u in other areas that u thought he would actually give u more rewards in. it creates the opposite effect as we see here with ashanti…*if he is a regular man and not a sugar daddy.* never count on a regular man to reward u. they punish u [for being stupid enough to deal with them–males have this mechanism, u know]. if he’s not a “very generous boyfriend,” then he’s inverting the energy and will have fun draining u.

      • You said a mouth full of truth, someone older must have told you that..
        My grandmother (RIP) broken down men to me at 13, although I have 6 brothers..
        Don’t start out doing nothing you don’t plan on during the whole relationship.. If he can’t bring you a cola, don’t bring none to his ass.. They way you start will be the way you finish.. I love the older grandmothers, they just flat out told you the truth.. They didn’t care if your feeling was hurt, better that they hurt your feeling, because man will fail you..

  5. She is traumatized because all the threesome’s were not with females but actually some guys and this is why she is okay with dating gay guys because Nelly is bi! But she probably like lady parts anyway so no one is to blame but themselves.

    • ok two dudes banging a chick is a train…not gay unless nelly and dude weren’t getting it in

  6. I’m amazed none of you gave mentioned the Illuminati yet. Isn’t that what you bunch of hystericals assume all the gays to be? You really are a special breed of hyper crazy on here.

    • *rushes in the door from a trip to Dollar General with a bag of heavy duty aluminum foil*

      Ahem!….. Nobody is surprised about Ashanti, we all know Nelly is down with the all boy party bus, no need to be to throw us under it for being “so called” crazy for what we believe in.

      *steps on soap box*


      YEAH, I SAID IT…..SO THERE! Licks out tongue, sits down at the table to start making a new batch of tin hats…..

      • I hope you know they do exist, that crap is just as real as a $100.00 bill.
        It’s real and they belong to the devil they are serving.. I have nothing else to saw…

  7. *no need to throw us under it.

    Signing off @batshitcrazy #craziesRus

    • Black Enga you really made me laugh!!! I love your honesty and forthright nature. I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, but I accept that I’m in the minority here.

  8. Hell yes Ashanti is going to be ‘traumatized” by all that sexual perversion,she’s the one who opened the doorway for it to be allowed.People “dabbling” in all sorts of wickedness should expect a visit from the dark side emotionally and mentally because there is no way around it .

  9. Don’t blame “Country Grammar”- Shanti was having fun with girls in the studio b4 he came along.

  10. irv was a freak he got off on asking supahead how big other mens dicks was and asking her was they better and irv was excited about hearing about how other dudes was phukking her.

    ashanti been a freak she was messing with 2 married dudes ja and irv while messing with nelly and going around having oregies with nelly, tip, and tiny yes even the st. lunatics say nelly is a freaky king nelly likes to watch porn and then go out and act out whatever he saw in porn.

    he did more thjan swipe a credit card up a girls ass he was also about to lick her ass in the video.

  11. Its all a preference…women to me are better sex partners, feels better..maybe cos i am the aggressor.

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