Lies & Hip Hop? Jhonni Blaze Not Getting Married


Rich Dollaz and Jhonni Blaze may not be getting hitched after all. We’re told Rich Dollarz is really rockin’ with Lil Fizz’s baby momma, Moniece Slaughter … and word of he and Jhonni Blaze’s supposed engagement was born from Blaze’s web of lies, purely for publicity.

Here’s the drop:

“Jhonni makes up stories and leaks pure bullshyt to the blogs. She was the one who set off the fake story of her DATING RICH HOMIE QUAN. How is that when he’s bout that lifestyle?”


  1. more like Black trash…… for Broke Dollas He’s nothing but a joker broke nicca acting like He’s rich!

    what People need to understand is Mona is nothing but a pimp, She making Black People look bad by making Them do ratchet stuff just for the love of money and relevancy !!

  2. Mona can’t make idiots do anything they’re not already willing to do !
    I didn’t get the memo of when money made ugly men attractive and smart ????
    Last time I checked ugly is skin deep neither are attractive both are pretty much loose for change !!

  3. Who believed this story? She is a known whore and he can’t afford a hotel room. #bathroomsmasher

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