Karrueche Planning to Testify About Chris Brown Physical Abuse?

Last week Chris Brown was served on his birthday by Karrueche
with a restraining order.

Now it’s being reported that she is set to testify against the
singer.. Insiders tell TMZ, Karrueche Tran will do what Rihanna would not — testify that Chris Brown brutalized her … and she’s “not scared at all.”

They say, Karrueche has no fear about testifying that Chris
allegedly kicked her down a flight of stairs, punched her in
the stomach, threatened to shoot her and made other death
threats … this according to multiple sources connected to
Chris’ ex.


  1. Good I hope she airs his ass out. Fuck Chris Brown. This asshole has gotten away with brutalizing, and harassing women long enough. Im so sick and tired hearing about his bullshit monthly. Though if Karrueche was really smart, she’d get herself some heat, and keep that MF on her hip at all times. I’ll be damned if Im gonna put up with this type of bullshit, and just rely on a piece of paper to cover my ass.

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