Karlie Redd Sues Dealership for Repossessing Her Porsche ???

“Love& Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Karlie Redd is claiming two men broke into her garage and stole her Porsche. Now, she’s suing a car dealership, which claims they legally repossessed Karlie’s whip!

Here’s the drop:

The dealership — Vanderhall Exotics of Houston — would call it your run-of-the-mill repo … but in the court docs, Karlie says her 2014 Panamera was stolen. She says she’d made $43,300 worth of payments on the car she purchased for $57,397 — but on February 28, around 2:53 AM, the men forced their way into her garage.

In the suit, she says they also got into her house, stole an unspecified amount of jewelry and clothing … and then bolted with the Porsche. Karlie says she called police and, through an app, traced the car back to the dealer in Texas.

The dealership claims the car was lawfully repossessed, but Karlie disagrees. She’s not demanding the return of the car, but she is suing to get back all the money she’d paid on it.

This shit sounds hella suspect to me… What do you think! ???


  1. Not sure but people do purchase cars and have them shipped to there location I even thought about purchasing a car in Cali and have it shipped to new york but the fact she doesn’t want the car back no v equals no bueno

  2. My car was repo on accident after paying a double payment because I was going on vacation even dated the payment for particular date well they took my car at a job interview embarrassing much cost me the job but end up getting the same job year later everthing happens for a reason hope the same for Her

  3. Regardless of how much she paid, if she missed payments, the dealership is within their rights to repo the car. You may take the car when it’s in public, or in a driveway. You cannot break into a closed garage and breaking into the house and committing theft was outright criminal. That will trump their repo claim so she has a case. They should settle with her by returning all the money and making the repo men give back what they took or write her another big check. And pay her legal fees. This was a very expensive and stupid repo job.

  4. They’re allowed to repo a car but it is againist the law to break into someones garage to take it. So if they actually entered a closed garage and opened it, that would be againist the law and the reason she can suit them and win.

    My cousin roposess cars all over the country and she tells me the diffrent laws in different states and what they can and cant do

  5. Karlie Redd stop that damn lying u kno damn well those mf didn’t break n 2 ur garage & repo ur Porsche u had ur garage door up trying to show boat & repo man just came & took wht belong 2 the company he work’s 4 lmao u kno damn well u were behind on ur damn payments hell ur not makin shidd on L&HHAtl

  6. I think you should change the title of this article to KARLIE REDD SUES DEALERSHIP FOR REPOSSESSING (THEIR) PORSCHE instead of “her porsche”. bitch don’t have no porsche, thats above mona scott young paygrade.

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