Are the Kardashians About to Snatch Chyna’s Coins?

kardashians sue blac chyna

According to sources, it seems like the Kardashians might be prepping to sue Chyna for every penny she has.

Since Chyna has been on a media tour and giving interviews about her relationship with Rob and his attempt to commit “revenge porn,” media outlets have been reaching out to the K-klan to get their comments.

But instead of getting an exclusive response, the Kardashians have been sending outlets a copy of the nondisclosure agreement Chyna signed before agreeing to appear on their reality TV show.

So what does all this mean? Well, Chyna might be in breach of that contract and the klan might have the right to sue.

First Rob cut her off financially, and now she might get drained of whatever she has left. SMH.


  1. I am sure her attorney is aware of the NDC and I am sure there is a clause in it that voids parts of it if she is the victim of a crime.

    • I hope so! The demonic coven witches think they can buy peoples’ silence. Hopefully they are brought up on extortion in an attempt to keep her quiet instead of defending herself which is her God given right.

      • Everytime they complain about one black woman getting with a white man, they show racism.

        Everytime they only get with black man MONEY they show racism.

        And anytime any black woman gives a pathetic loser like Rob a beautiful child, they only show hate, its because of racism.

        Racism at its worse. If Chyna was white they would be loving her to death for giving that loser brother of theirs something to live for.

        • I know that’s right! I saw a youtube video a long time ago of Kim Kardashian detailing how they strategize to keep the money in the family. These bishes target black men specifically for the wealth and drain them of all life force so that the money can not be retrieved by any surviving family members.

        • The blacks in their family cannot be women. They have made that clear. They use black women to learn the nuances of being a black woman to catch black men. They have overplayed that with the ridiculous buttocks enhancement they are now cartoonish clowns. Unless Chyna surrounds herself with warriors, she will not not live to see her daughter into adulthood. They will dispatch with her at some point. Those little girls will be groomed to catch billionaires for the Kardashians and Chyna’s side of the family are not part of the equation.

        • Name one black man they have gotten with who is richer than they are?

          You all act like they make money by marrying rich men. Thy make the big money by doing 300K sales spots on IG and Twitter as well as special appearances. They are rich because, like her or loathe her PMK is a genius at promotion and handling money.
          When and if Kanye and Kim divorce, she will be paying him. Count on it.

          • @13:55 They make their money through the exploitation of foolish black males. That exploitation includes marriage. They grew what ever dwindling coins Papa Kardashian left, by using Kim’s infamous (dumb ass Ray J exploitation). After that, it became a cottage industry and easy money to prey on weak minded foolish black males. Now I see your “Kim will pay Kanye Alimony” and raise you a: That KKKlan will soon rather kill kanye before they let him get a Kardashian Payout.

    • Khloe Kardashian tried to murder Lamar Odom. The KKK bitches might try to murder Black Chyna. If Black Chyna suddenly ends up dead, don’t surprised!

    • NDA do not protect anyone that has committed a crime. The law trumps that contract everytime. If you work for (xyz Hollywood producer) and saw him molesting a child, all bets are off. If he raped you, all bets are off. Rob committed a crime by publishing pics without her permission and allegedly hit her; all bets are off. They are going to put a contract on that girl.

      • Lol. They are in Beverly Hills not Texas. Money talks in LA, the law gone be whatever they want it to be. But I honestly think she in the wrong!

        • So he beats her and she has to take it. No. It becomes a criminal case and no NDA can protect him from her testimony.

      • But it does protect every other bit of information. Chyna ain’t smart enough to watch her mouth.

      • She messed up by upvoting those pictures. She does not have legal standing, and she is letting Lisa Bloom lead her to the land of the broke with terrible legal advice.

  2. If she aint got nothin to lose she can tell everything she knows about the family

    • I want her to expose how all the dirty KKK whores COLLUDE to chase rich black man money down. And how they ALL work together to do the dirty deed.

      • Look at Khloe. White guy, nope. Why? Because he know their grifting games. Black simp, check. Newly signed NBA big contract, check. Young, check. Dysfunctional or broken family, check. Thankfully she’s barren.

          • A lowly nobody white guy would have her. She would want a rich white guy and possibly famous and NONE would want her. That’s why you haven’t seen any.

            • They don’t want her because she looks like a yeti!

              Rich whites want vapid, young spinners.

              • LOL!!!!

                Truth… That byotch sho’ll iz ugly!!!
                I notice that she picks dudes who’s looks downplay her manly looking self. She is lucky there is an NBA. Imagine her having to pick among the average white guy. LOL she would definitely stick out like a sore thumb in pictures together.

    • She can’t say anything about them. She signed an agreement. His mother cancelled their show, she should have taken more time, now she has messed up. She doesn’t even have that baby the majority of the time, not the boy either.

  3. Quote from Dr. Umar Johnson, “Anglo Saxon white people are doing everything they can to protect their recessive white gene.”

    Thank you Dr. Umar Johnson. I thank this true black man for verbally destroying the Porky Pig coon Roland Martin and his band of bourgeoisie boule bitches; especially the black woman who had the S-Curl.

  4. Please sasha. The build-a-whores arent the only one with a jhew lawyer. Take all fat azz rob money, nda is about trade secrets production secrets not about him strangling a bitch and his own dumb ass posting shit. Take them build-a-whores to the cleaners chyna. Get all that dash $$$$

    • That’s great news! That’s what his big titty ass gets for being so Homotional. Serves his ass right.

    • Nope you have no idea how a NDA works, nor how it was written. She screwed herself. Lisa Bloom is just like her mother, a television attorney. Have you not noticed the radio silence? Angela White is back to hosting at strip clubs???

  5. Still not understanding why we are blaming the Kardashians for the decisions that grown black men make such as dating them. No one forces these black men to date the kardashians. Do black women want to date the type of men that Kardashians date i.e. Famewhores?

    • Did you really just say that?

      Why does the same not apply to your buddy cospig? No one made his MARRIED ass take drugs to meetings with random women, so why is what he did not his own fault?

    • That’s because many black people and specifically women are very aware of the games the Trashicans play. This awareness has been increasing over time to the point that most see right thru them and have been skeptical about their intentions from the get go. Many black folks see see the evil in them while these men think they are genuinely in love until it’s too late. White people criticize them for being professional grifters. They also see how they use black men but won’t call them on it for not wanting to be called racists. Remember when they called themselves the only klan that accepts black men. Really? What happened to Lamar everyone saw coming but Lamar don’t think that way. Kanye, the same thing. He’s into himself and can’t see the forest from the trees. Same for Tristan. They thing they are above all but the rest of us know better. Recognizing what they do and calling attention to it in no way gives an excuse to these foolish black men. It’s why they are called simps.

  6. Rob wanna cry cool.he has a right to let his feels ngs out but showing naked pics without permission guess he was trying to prove chyba was a bad mom

    Chyna just wanted child support anyway that’s all she entitled to

  7. You all do know it’s Rob’s turn to commit to the story arc.

    This storyline is worth a half s season and keeps the name in the papers longer.

    Notice also that these women don’t cheat on their men (At least on camera).

    It’s hard to root for Chyna because she’s so damned stupid.

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