2 Live Crew’s Fresh Kid Ice Dies

fresh kid ice dead

Fresh Kid Ice, one of the founding members of 2 Live Crew, died in Miami at the age of 53.

According to the group’s manager, Fresh Kid died at 7:50 AM in a Miami hospital due to a “medical condition.”

He formed the legendary Hip Hop group back in 1984 with DJ Mr. Mixx and Amazing Vee. They later looked up with Uncle Luke after signing to his record label.

Uncle Luke sent out his condolences.




  1. I know people die everyday, but there has been a steady amount of rappers dying in their middle age.

  2. Hope its not aids kid ice and two live crew was known to fuck anything came their way plus they was into the satanic sex agenda which cuts your life in half

  3. Most of these entertainers and rappers are dying from something HIV related. When they are ashamed to admit what it is or the symptoms are not just cancer but having pneumonia or supposedly lupus. It’s AIDS

    • No, the typical media script is CANCER, i.e., lung disease, brain, bone etc…..when he reality their dying from an AIDS related illness, i.e., pneumonia.

  4. DAAAMN, y’all ain’t even tryna spell shit right anymore, like WTF!! It’s like you writing this shit up with your eyes closed or some shit, SMH.

  5. Aside from dying from Aids related symptoms, a lot of these rappers, and black male entertainers seem to not be making it to their 50’s, or past their 50’s.

  6. Serving that satanic agenda seems to cut tour life in half either you die or end up in jail if you a rapper

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